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Lure Review

Taking Aim with D&M Custom Baits' Sniper Spinnerbait

Date: 1/27/09
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: D&M Custom Baits
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.83 - GOOD


Introduction: Officially in business since 2005, D&M Custom Baits is a small, father and son operation out of Northern California run by Dale and Mark Meddock. Mark is a tournament angler, and both he and his father, Dale, have been making baits for more than twenty years and are dedicated not only to building quality baits to help bass anglers put more fish in the boat, but presenting their products at reasonable prices. What's more, they are both very active in spreading their knowledge and experiences to fellow anglers regardless if the experience has anything to do with their product or not. This selfless approach is what attracted us to their company and their product in the first place. Today, we take a look at their Sniper Spinnerbait featuring top end components at a very fair and reasonable cost.

D&M Custom Baits Sniper Spinnerbait Specifications

Type Spinnerbait
Depth Any
Skirt Material Silicone
Weight 3/4 oz & 1 1/2 oz
Colors/Patterns 11 Standard Colors (custom orders available)
Hook Gamakatsu
Additional Features Sampo swivels, hidden head design
MSRP $7.99

Impressions: The first thing that struck me with D&M Custom Bait's Sniper Spinnerbait was the head design. Both the three-quarter ounce and one and a half ounce version of this spinnerbait feature a hidden head design where the majority of the weighted body sits under the skirt. At first glance, the bait looks like any other spinnerbait, but a peak under all that silicone reveals where the mass of the lure's weight is hidden. Though now a rather common feature with spinnerbaits, it is a welcome implementation to see and one that continues to stand out in a good way.


Introducing D&M Custom Baits' Sniper Spinnerbait.


The Field Tests: It doesn't take much for a spinnerbait to find time on the water when the TT Editors are on a field testing trip. Zander, JIP, and myself all love throwing blades. We might not have the most ideal combo's with us with which to throw these baits, but if one of us has a batch of new blade baits with us on a trip, you can rest assured, it won't be long before all three of us are chucking them in the water to check them out.


Complete Test Rigs for Sniper Spinnerbait Field Tests

Rig One Rig Two
Rod Phenix MBX 707H Megabass F7-76RDti White Python
Reel Shimano Antares AR Shimano Metanium MG DC
Line 17lb Sunline Defier 16lb Toray Superhard Nylon

Casting: The D&M Sniper Spinnerbaits came with me on a couple of trips in 2008. They were fished on both my Phenix MBX 707H rod with a Shimano Antares AR reel spooled with seventeen pound test Sunline Defier, and on my Megabass F7-76RDti White Python paired with a Shimano Metanium MG DC spooled with 16lb Toray Superhard Nylon.

Rigged and ready to go aboard a Phenix Rods MBX 707H.


Coming in at three quarters of an ounce, the original Sniper spinnerbait is hardly difficult to cast. The compact nature of the hidden head design is great for whipping around with roll cast after roll cast and even for the occasional pitch for distance into emergent cover.


The Sniper Spinnerbait comes with a very full silicone skirt held in place by a thick band of rubber.

The double willow blades on the baits we fished are separated by quality spacers and I never had a problem with the blades fouling or refusing to spin. This bait is suited for those who like to rapid fire cast along the shore and its weight makes sure it will reach its target no matter the direction or force of the wind. In fact, it was built and designed with the express intent of being fished in the winds of Clear Lake and the California Delta.

The compact/hidden head design allows the exposed portion of the head to remain small and unobtrusive.

Action: As mentioned earlier, both blades on our Sniper spinnerbaits churned relatively effortlessly. Retrieved at a medium to fast pace, the bait puts out just enough vibration to be felt through the rod - a trait not common with double willow leafed spinnerbaits.

Though the skirt is held in place by a rubber band and not hand tied, it is very full and expansive.

A look at the top blade of the Sniper Spinnerbait.

On the descent, the top blade of our Sniper blade baits helicoptered but the bottom blade seemed to remain motionless. It was difficult to see for certain given water clarity, but this appeared to be the case. This single blade action on the descent is rather common with double willow leafed blades anyway so there are no concerns there.

Quality components throughout including .32 gauge piano wire, Worth swivels and Gamakatsu hooks.

Each D&M Custom Spinnerbait comes packaged in this type of plastic clamshell.

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