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Letter from the Editor


Just What is Demystifly?


Date: 5/25/17
Tackle type: Everything Fly
Manufacturer: Various
Reviewer: Zander



Introduction: No doubt if you are an avid reader of TackleTour then you probably have already seen the banner on the site for Demystifly, but exactly is the publication all about? While many of us here enjoy fly fishing we also acknowledge that it is a very different style of fishing than the conventional fishing, not only from a technique and gear standpoint, but also in terms of mindset.


Though I have enjoyed fly fishing I have always found the sport somewhat of a mystery in comparison to conventional fishing


When I first started TackleTour over a decade and a half ago I dabbled in fly fishing but naturally seemed to gravitate more towards conventional fishing with my love for all things tackle, eventually finding true passion in freshwater, and especially all the challenges that bass fishing presented.


Wolbugger's passion is fly fishing and would rather cast flies over a crankbait 9 times out of 10


Over the years I have continued to enjoy wetting a fly now and again, but really cannot claim to be much more than a novice fly fishermen. As much I appreciate everything about fly fishing I also found it much more intimidating than conventional fishing, with a steeper learning curve in many respects. For many anglers the art of fly fishing is exactly that… an “art.” One that is simply too difficult to invest the time in to learn how to properly paint those loops and present flies with fish catching precision. Tying flies, now that is a completely different level in itself!


I would go through all the motions but my cast to catch ratio left much to be desired, and I often found myself migrating back to conventional fishing by the end of the day or trip. Falling back to my confidence zone.


Wolbugger opened my eyes to not only how fun fly fishing could be but how effective it could be as well


That is where Paul “Wolbugger” Wolter came in. Paul is a fly fisherman first, and given the opportunity would prefer casting a fly than a crankbait nine times out of ten. Over the last few years as we worked with Wolbugger we put fly rods, reels, and even line through our TT review process and yet something never felt quite right. The more I learned about fly fishing the more I realized just how much more there was still to learn about all the specialized tackle and techniques, and yet at the same time I only grew more interested in trying to become successful at the sport.


Though often thought of as intimidating and expensive fly fishing certainly doesn't have to be


While many anglers enjoy both conventional and fly fishing there are also many fly anglers that prefer to concentrate in this particular technique. Fly anglers in many ways view tackle differently, and approach the sport with a different approach, yet with just as much, if not more, passion.


Fly fishing often takes a different mindset


Offering its own unique varieties of tackle, tactics, and challenges, fly fishing is often viewed by many, including yours truly up until recently, as being quite an intimidating and expensive sport. But it doesn’t have to be.


We decided to tackle (pun intended) the challenge of trying to make everything surrounding fly fishing easier to understand and more accessible to all anglers trying to get into the sport.


Demystifly is designed to help make fly fishing accessible to everyone


While we had covered fly fishing gear over the years on TackleTour we felt that fly fishing was poles apart from a gear, technique, and approach standpoint than the conventional fishing and tackle that represents the majority of our readership, and deserved a platform of its own. For all those anglers that are interested in learning how to enjoy all that fly fishing has to offer, but may have found the sport enigmatic we created DEMYSTIFLY.


Demystifly explores techniques, destinations, and of course gear


No egos here, just a fun and engaging destination for anglers of all skill levels to learn about wetting a line.


While Cal and I assisted with the bring up of the new site this is Wolbugger’s world and as the Editor-in-Chief of DEMYSTIFLY Paul is able to delve much deeper into his passion for all things fly, and focus on delivering fly techniques, gear coverage, and related musings. We created DEMYSTIFLY to be a valuable resource for anglers seeking easy-to-understand information within the world of fly fishing.


Join Wolbugger on the journey as he seeks to demystify the art of fly fishing


Throughout the new site anglers will find everything from tips to product overviews that are all geared towards helping you to become more knowledgeable and proficient in the sport.


Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran, DEMYSTIFLY offers content that anglers of all skill levels will understand and appreciate.


Fly fishing doesn’t have to be intimidating, and Wolbugger has certainly opened my eyes to just how fun and fruitful it can be when employing the right gear and techniques. I hope that you will join us on this journey as we seek to demystify the art of fly fishing.

Come join us and visit Demystifly here










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