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Lure Review

Presenting TackleTour's Deep Diving Crankbait Shootout! (continued)

Bomber FatFree BD7 : Formerly of Excalibur Baits, the FatFree Shad is now produced by Bomber and is another very popular mainstream deep diving crank. Available in twenty nine (29) different colors, the FatFree Shad’s selling point is its deep diving capability coupled with an easy pulling retrieve resulting in a deep running crank that is easier to fish for long periods of time.

Introducing the David Fritts inspired Poe's Super Cedar 400 Plus.

Poe’s Super Cedar 400 Plus : One of only two wood bodied baits in our shootout, the Poes Super Cedar 400 Plus, designed by David Fritts, brings that buoyancy and lively action of wood, more easily found in shallow cranks, to a deep diving crank body. Available in approximately twenty seven (27) different colors, this three inch, seven eighths of an ounce (7/8 oz) bait retails for eight dollars and fifty cents($8.50).

Introducing the Poe's Competition Cedar 4500 Longreach.

Poe’s Competition Cedar 4500 Longreach : The second wood bodied crank in our shootout is also made by Poe’s but offers a different profile and a very unique bill. With a more traditional, round shape as opposed to the flat sided Super Cedar 400, the 4500 Longreach features an extra long bill with an extra little edge at the bill’s tip. It’s rated down to twenty one feet!

Introducing the new for 2009, Megabass Deep-X 300.

Megabass Deep-X 300 : Just released this year, is the Deep-X 300 as effective as its Editor’s Choice sibling, the Deep-X 200T? The 300 is rated to seventeen feet and is available in sixteen different patterns. As with all Megabass baits, availability of the Deep-X 300 is limited to only a handful of colors at this time, but we managed to gather some for our shootout.

Introducing Lucky Craft's deep diver, the Flat CB D20.

Lucky Craft Flat CB D20 : Last but not least is Lucky Craft’s Flat CB D20 rated for depths to twenty feet on ten pound test line, the Flat CB D20 is available in over fifty (50) different Lucky Craft hues.

Rigged and ready to go!


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