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Reel Review

Daiwa's New Workhorse, the TD Zillion: US and Japanese models compared (continued)

Retrieve: Both the Zillion 100SHA and 100SHLs' 7.1:1 gear ratio deliver approximately thirty (30) inches of line recovery per turn of the handle depending on how much line you have out on your cast. The smoothness of this reel is very good during retrieve though this can be enhanced, if one so chooses, with the addition of bearings underneath the knobs. Note, this enhancement is feasible for the Japanese model only as the US Zillion's knobs cannot be removed.


The Zillion features CRBB's on the spool and in the sideplate


The Zillion's drag is composed of both metal and fiber washers for smooth, consistent performance


As tackle junkies, normally, we're a big proponents of matching the rate of retrieve on your reel with your intended technique rather than trying to slow down or speed up your cadence to best present your lure. Naturally, there are always grey areas to this rule, but in general, we prefers the slower retrieve reels for baits such as crankbaits - especially the deep divers where, if you're using a reel that's too fast, you end up battling your tackle more than the fish during a full day of cranking.


The 89mm handle makes the Zillion a powerful reel


Many of the new generation burner reels address this dilemma by taking advantage of larger gearing. This is true of Shimano's Calais/Antares DC7 and it is also true with this new reel from Daiwa. We paired the Zillion 100SHL with a Megabass Shiryu 610 GT3 cranking stick and found it surprisingly easy to fish the deep diving Norman DD22 crankbait - impressive indeed. Having multiple copies of the same piece of tackle to test is great when we're all on the water together. Case in point, while Cal was cranking away JIP was using his Zillion 100SHA matched with the STZ 671MFBA for ripping a Lucky Craft Pointer jerkbait (his favorite). The Zillion is consistently smooth and powerful in all jerkbait retrieves from a slow twitch and pause to fast and relentless rip.


These red highlights on the Zillion are actually raised pieces of aluminum, provided to help guard against boat rash when laying your rig down for a run


Another angle of the rash guards



Next Section: More performance results... 









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