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Reel Preview

Top Secret! Take the first Look at Daiwa's hot new Super Tuned TD-X models...before they hit the store shelf!

Date: 2/3/02
Tackle type: Reel
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 9.15 + Editors Choice!

Introduction: Daiwa's Team Daiwa-X reels are among the hottest baitcasters on tour, and now Daiwa prepares to add 2 new "Super-Tuned" models into the family! Daiwa let TackleTour take a first look at these exciting models before they even hit the store shelf, and we were not disappointed!

Daiwa TD-X100HSD Specifications

Line Capacity 12/170;14/140
Gear Ratio 6.3:1
Weight 9.0 (oz)
Bearings 6BB, 1RB
Additional Features Aluminum frame, Aluminum high capacity deep spool, Titanium Nitride line guide, Magforce, brass drive gear
MSRP $199.95


SUPERTUNED Daiwa TD-X103HSDF Specifications

Line Capacity 12/120; 14/100
Gear Ratio 6.3:1
Weight 9.3 (oz)
Bearings 6BB, 1RB
Additional Features Aluminum frame, Aluminum perforated spool, Titanium Nitride line guide, Magforce V, brass drive gear
MSRP $209.95

Impressions: When Daiwa gave TackleTour the opportunity to test these pre-release reels to say we were excited would be an understatement. The Team Daiwa-X series has been among the most popular reels on the market thanks to outstanding casting ability and timeless high quality design.

We simply didn't know exactly what to expect when we received the two newest additions to the TD-X family. Out of the box both reels looked stunning and in TD-X tradition are built on a rigid one piece aluminum frame, and machined aluminum sideplates. The handle and drag are made with top notch materials....no plastic here!

Notice the difference in spools in the two new TD-X models

What is the difference between the two?:
When we first took a look at the twins we immediately noticed the main difference from the current TD-X 103HSD. The TD-100 now boasts a much deeper spool so that you can actually get 170 yards of 12lb line on the reel....yes, making it Striper capable!

The TD-X 103HSDF on the other hand sports a brand new perforated spool and the newer MagforceV automatic backlash system. Both reels feature infinite anti reverse that live up to the promise of absolutely no give at all. 

The TD-X employs extremely high quality materials. (Left: The Supertuned TD-X freespool amazed us in lab tests beating everything in the room!)

The Lab Test:
In the lab we timed the freespools with equal pressure. When we first timed the TD-X100HSDF the freespool was pretty much inline with other reels in the lab like the Standard Chronarch. When we put the Supertuned TD-X103HSDF to the test we couldn't believe our eyes, and for a few minutes even thought something was wrong with our stopwatch. The freespool was putting the Energizer Bunny to shame! The TD-X103HSDF freespool is absolutely amazing!  The TD-X103HSDF beat everything we had in the lab including the Chronarch SF and the Calais!

(Updated 11/07/05. Using our much more accurate drag test machines we have retested the drag on this reel. Our original scale three years ago was not accurate and the actual reel in this test has been re-tested to deliver 6.3lbs of maximum drag counter pressure at full setting.)


With the drag loose the line flows at a very even, smooth rate. We couldn't wait to get these reels on the open water for field testing! 

Real World Test:
We took the two new reels out for 3 consecutive days of  testing that included casting with practice plugs, accuracy casts from shore, and a day of fishing on Uvas Lake.

The Speed: Both TD-X reels feature a blazing fast 6.3:1 gear ratio, making them outstanding for almost all applications. The fast retrieve of these reels makes it possible to use them for exciting top water action when it is often necessary to quickly accelerate the lure. With high tensile brass gearing and a metal level wind these  reels can be reeled at high speed with confidence.

The TD-X reels feature the quickest casting control adjustment on the market and can be finely tuned between casts in seconds

Daiwa has always been known for excellent casting from their reels but the new TD-X's takes casting to a whole new level. With the TD-X100HSD's new deep spool you can now cast longer and farther, and even utilize this reel for deepwater spooning and jigging.

The TD-X103HSDF is a completely new animal. The freespool amazed us in the lab and proved to be just as exciting on the water. With new Supertuning and Magforce V the TD-X103HSDF is simply the fastest accelerating reel we have ever fished with. Lures can be cast, pitched, and flipped, to the target zones with pinpoint accuracy and speed.

Both reels are smooth on the cast, and benefit from Daiwa's super speed shaft and a smooth cut-proof titanium nitride line guide.

Removed with a simple turn of a coin the aluminum sideplate houses the advanced Magforce V magnetic anti-backlash system

The Cast Control System: Many anglers are not big fans of magnetic cast control systems, but with Daiwa's Magforce system you definitely owe it to yourself to give these a try. Simply put...the Magforce system works.

The TD-X103HSDF features the new Magforce V system which works by applying magnetic braking to the spool only at maximum spool speed. Part of the reason the TD-X103HSDF accelerates so fast is that at the start of the cast the spools inductor cup is pulled back from the magnets, so their is absolutely no resistance. When the spool approaches maximum speed the inductor cup moves into the gap gradually and will actually pull back when the spool begins to slow, so you get the very most out of your cast! 

The entire spool floats and totally separates from all gearing on outcast


The Super Speed Shaft: We kept looking for an explanation of why the TD-X103HSDF had such an amazing freespool and one of the primary factors is the supertuned Daiwa "Super Speed Shaft." Unlike other reels we have tested where the gearing rides the spool shaft, the TD-X spools float in the frame on precision ball bearings.


The Drag: As we mentioned earlier the TD-X has one of the best drags we have seen to date. The TD-X drag can be adjusted in minute adjustments, and is smooth and consistent even when the reel is wet. The drag has excellent fade free performance thanks to a combination of teflon, graphite, and stainless steel disks applying steady counter pressure.


The ultra-light 70/75 aircraft aluminum spool has an incredibly fast startup


The Spool: The TD-X103HSDF features the more striking perforated spool. Designed with a purpose, this spool doesn't hold a lot of line but succeeds in ultra fast acceleration and longevity of spin for unprecedented distance/speed casting. One of the best things about the TD-X series reels is that spool changes are quick and easy thanks to the quick takedown side plates.


The TD-X can be cast and easily feathered or palmed thanks to a compact design


The Total Package: Put together with 7 supertuned ball and roller bearings the TD-X feels very refined. Compared to other premium tournament ready reels the TD-X may not feel as smooth to some. But others, including myself, find the new TD-X reels to feel more refined and accurate, making me feel more connected to the lure. Casting distance and accuracy are phenomenal, and both the new TD-X reels are built with a purpose in which they excel.

Ratings: We rated the more advanced TD-X 103HSDF


Construction/Quality Excellent construction and quality that you expect from Daiwa with a added feel of refinement. No plastic here! 9
Performance Performance is jaw dropping! When Daiwa says the TD-X is supertuned they mean it. Casting and drag performance are taken to a whole new level 9.7
Price A reasonable price for these top performers and it is great to see just a minimal increase in cost for these new supertuned models over the existing TD-X family 9
Features All the features of a tournament ready reel with thoughtful design like the new perforated freespool to make the reel excel at its application even further 9.2
Design (Ergonomics) One of the most solid and timeless designs never seems to age. Suitable for easy feathering of the freespool and palming 9
Application A reel built with a purpose the fast gear ratio and spool make this application specific contender. But Daiwa makes spool changes as easy as a click of the side plate to allow anglers added flexibility 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Great Features! L Smoothness (preference)
J Reasonable Price  
J New Spool designs  
J Magforce V  
J Amazing Freespool!  

Conclusion: The new TD-X reels are simply amazing! Daiwa took one of the best reels in their lineup, and through innovative "supertuning" has succeeded in not only making them better, but able to address a whole new set of applications. The TD-X103HSDF stands out as an amazing performer with all the right elements to make it the tournament reel of choice, and a must buy for weekend warriors searching for the greatest level of performance and refinement at a reasonable price. Daiwa's innovative design, forward thinking, and incredible attention to detail shine through in the new supertuned TD-X reels, and make the Daiwa TD-X103HSDF the only baitcast reel to ever win TackleTour's prestigious Editor's Choice Award!

The TD-X103HSDF will be featured in our upcoming "Tournament Baitcasting Roundup!" Coming soon...










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