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Lure Review

The Daiwa TD Mouthwasher: A popper and a crankbait in one? (continued)

Retrieving cont'd: Pop pop stop… pop pop stop, but wait, the fun doesn’t end there with this lure. Take in the slack line and with the tip pointed towards the horizon or down, make a nice long sweeping tug and watch the lure dive about three inches down and smoothly arc to the surface as you slow the pull. Allow the lure to sit still for a moment with its head high and tail down before your next retrieve. Vary the frequency and work the TDM all the way back to the boat for explosive action.


The head of the lure just peaks out of the water


Yet another method with the Daiwa TD Mouthwasher and one that requires a quick retrieve (like to a “burner” style baitcast reel: e.g. the Tour Edition PT Burner or Revo STX in the 7.1:1 gear ratio) is to employ a constant, fast retrieve back to the boat. Because the TDM has a larger lower jaw that sticks out at an angle, if you retrieve fast enough the TDM will dive below the surface. And while it’s running through the water like a crankbait it creates a lot of bubbles and noise that creates a signal to the bass below of fleeing baitfish at the surface. Out on the water, this was great on active Fall bass but it also proved to be a killer lure on feeding stripers.


Small BBs are used near the head section while large BBs are used near the tail end

Like other TD lures that we’ve tested, durability is respectable with the TD Mouthwasher. The finish is outstanding and the TDM can take a serious beating from aggressive bass. The feathers on the rear dressed treble stay on nicely thanks to the well threaded wrap that goes further down the shank than some other lures, yet it still has the proper action to draw strikes when the lure sits at the surface.


Water-thru gills produce a load of bubbles when retrieved


Price & Availability: The Daiwa TDM popper is a premium bait and is designed to compete with the best on the market such as Lucky Craft, Megabass, and various high end Japanese lures. Though the $16.95 price tag might appear steep for some, this product is priced to compete. The price per unit is slightly more than Lucky Craft lures but the construction, finish, and design is better, and through it costs less than Megabass lures the TDM is of the same class in all categories. This is a new lure and it might be hard to find on store shelves but, if you use the appropriate search engines, there are a couple of online retailers that carry this popper right now.


Notice the larger lower jaw. It almost acts like a lip on a crankbait, so the TDM can be retrieved and it'll crank near the surface


Daiwa TD Mouthwasher Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality The TDM is a premium lure and it shows. Built with high quality components and an absolutely beautiful and durable finish, the lure is top notch 9
Performance Pops and retrieves unlike traditional poppers, this multi-action lure stirs up the water to entices strikes from aggressive fish lurking beneath 9
Price A premium bait with a price tag that might not be for everyone. But if you’re buying Lucky Craft and other high end lures, the performance and quality of this lure is a winner and well worth the price 8
Features Extremely sharp hooks including a rear feathered hook, rattling system with two types of bearings, an outstanding finish with fine details on the lure’s body, prop, and water-thru gills are just some of the features that makes up this effective lure 9.5
Design (Ergonomics) Designed unlike any other, this lure is shaped and fitted with the necessities to draw strikes, calling fish from far down 9.5
Application A great topwater popper that’s very effective for bass and any other species that’ll hit a topwater lure 9.5

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Multi-action L A premium bait with a premium price
J Creates a lot of commotion L Not widely available
J High-quality finish  
J Detailed design  
J Durable  


The Daiwa TD Mouthwasher is made of premium components is quite durable

Topwater fishing in the Fall is a must especially for those who have yet to experience the thrill of a splash strike. Though it might seem to be a slower fishing style, the reward from an explosive hit is something you will always remember, but the added benefit in the Fall is the bass are active and you can fish a popper faster. Daiwa has brought us a new, fun lure to use in enticing those aggressive fish to strike. The TD Mouthwasher is a topwater popper that’s loaded with fine detailing, an extremely high-quality finish, and a design quite unlike any other. Its unique shape and design give the TDM a signature action when retrieved fast or slow, and at the same time creates a lot of commotion at the surface of the water by way of its water-thru gills, rattling system, large mouth, and prop designed in the mouth. The versatility of the TDM is something definitely worth mentioning again: use it like a popper, sweep it like a rip bait, or quickly crank it through the water. The versatility of this lure is the foremost reason why the TD Mouthwasher definitely makes it on my short list of go-to surface baits.













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