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Lure Review

Hard to find, but well worth the effort...The TD Minnow Type SP

Date: 9/10/06
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.83 + EDITORS CHOICE!

Daiwa continues its march into premium hardbait territory with the introduction of the new TD Minnow Type SG. The SP is designed with a new profile, distinctive balancing, and an ultra thin lip, all to achieve a more realistic natural baitfish swimming action. It is time once again to see if Daiwa has what it takes to contend in this highly competitive space. 

Daiwa TD Minnow 2101SP Specifications

Type Jerkbait
Size 4"
Colors/Patterns 10 available
Weight 5/8oz
MSRP $14.95

I fish jerkbaits just as much as any other lure out there, including plastics and deep diving crankbaits. The lures are extremely effective during different times of the year, and are downright unfair during the pre-spawn. But perhaps what draws me to continually rig these lures is that they are extremely electrifying to fish.


The TD Minnow SP breathes new life into the TD Minnow line


Not only are you extremely active while fishing jerkbaits, but you are occasionally rewarded with aggressive chasers and visual strikes. At the current time I began to field test the SP I had already been fishing the original TD Minnow, but my preferred jerkbaits at the time were the Lucky Craft Pointer and Megabass Vision.


Each comes in this retail pack and cost 14.95 a piece


Design: The SP bears a resemblance to the Pointer, but is slightly more rounded on top and more pointed above the lip. The most noticeable difference is the straighter profile. The Pointer’s tail section arcs down slightly while the TD SP’s tail is almost straight along the lateral line. But if you looked closely at the two it would be possible to mistake them at a quick glance.


Tied on to our Kistler rod for the field tests


Real World Test: Testing and fishing jerkbaits is one of my favorite things to do. Ripping is a technique that I have turned to time and again with great success year round. When I originally started fishing this technique years ago I reserved it only for pre-spawn, or very warm and clear water. 


Complete Rig for Daiwa TD Minnow SP

Rod Kistler Crankbait Composite
Reel Citica 200
Line 12 lb. Yozuri Hybrid

Part of the problem was that I was working jerkbaits only one way, so as the temperatures dropped between fall through winter the retrieve that worked in the warmer months no longer was effective. The SP comes at the perfect time, we are smack dab in prime jerkbait season, and to see if the SP had what it takes to compete against my two favorite series of lures it would have to perform spectacularly.


The SP features a realistic angular head


To test the SP I paired the lures with a variety of rods ranging in length from 6’6” to 6”10”. I used two reels during the test, the Quantum Burner, and the Shimano Citica (6:3.1) and spooled up with 12lb Trilene Big Game. I fished for both largemouth and ripped for stripers in the O’Neil Forebay and California Delta.


On the translucent minnow it is possible to see the internal weight system


Casting: While retrieve is the most important factor to successfully fishing the new TD Minnow SP casting these baits a fair distance is of the essence too. Covering a lot of water is a must with this bait, and sometimes fish will chase this bait a good distance before actually committing, this is especially true with Stripers. The SP is weighed down with three weights and two bearings, these have some play but do not shift around like the original TD Minnow’s “Long Cast System.”


The SP swims with a tight realistic wobble that will fan out if retrieved in sporadic jerks or rips


We found the SP to be a reasonable caster, but acknowledge that the weighting design is aimed at realistic presentation rather than extreme casting. Since the SP lures weigh in at 5/8oz they are actually heavier than the original TD Minnows, and for this reason alone they felt easier to cast a good distance consistently.


A close up of the ultra fine scale pattern


Retrieving: Some jerkbaits only work well in the warmest conditions, not because the fish are more aggressive in these conditions but because the lures don’t deliver a quality action when not retrieved with the customary jerks and pauses.


A underwater pic with the line slack shows the SP hovering right below the surface


The SP performed in both warm and cold water conditions, and the reason it functioned so well is due to the lure’s thin lip and unique balance point which causes the lure to rock back and forth in a tight pattern during both fast and moderate speeds. When you stop this bait it comes to a pause like a real fish, and hovers in place moving with the current. The reason the lure hovers so well is due to the fixed balance point design.   


Ultra sharp hooks proved to be quite durable

It was during these pauses during our test that the lure seemed to draw the most strikes from bass. The lure can get down to just over three feet in depth, making it very effective for working over weed beds, points, and submerged trees. This consistent diving depth made the lure excellent for largemouth hovering in and around structure.


A closer look at the head and gill pattern


The SP was great for bass, and even better for striped bass. For stripers we picked up the speed of our retrieves and eliminated the pauses, moving to a ripping retrieve.


Zander lips one of many bass that couldn't resist the SP's lifelike stop and go presentation

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