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Reel Preview

The New Saltist Reels from Daiwa feature "Full-Metal Jacket" construction

Date: 2/09/05
Tackle type: Reels
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Daiwa's new baitcasters are so popular with freshwater anglers they are backordered all across the US, but offshore anglers can rest assured that they haven't forgotten about their saltwater customers. Introducing the Daiwa Saltist, a very exciting new reel that is designed to deliver a new level of performance at the sub 200 dollar price point. While the Saltist is well within the reach of most anglers, this is by no means a stripped down reel. Quite the contrary in fact, the Saltist features "Full-Metal Jacket" construction and manages to pack in performance enhancing features not usually seen in reels costing up to 30% more!


Introducing Daiwa's new Saltist....which certainly looks like the little brother of the award winning Saltiga


Full Metal Jacket: The Daiwa Saltist is instantly recognizable, as it bears a striking resemblance to the award winning Daiwa Saltiga. This younger sibling of the ultra refined Saltiga may not be completely machined, but it does feature a full metal construction. Virtually all components are metal for maximum reliability. Most competitor reels at this price point are chock full of graphite components. Like the Saltiga, the Saltist is built to handle ultra-strong braided lines in addition to traditional mono. To eliminate body flex the frame and sideplates are all constructed of rigid aluminum alloy. The Saltist bears a 4.9:1 gear ratio and is capable of pulling in over a yard of line with every handle turn, winding power is actually up to 30% greater than similar reels. Four ball bearings and a roller bearing add efficiency to the drive train support, with Daiwa’s special CRBB anti-corrosion ball bearings supporting the spool.   


No plastic here....the Saltist makes use of "full metal jacket" construction for maximum reliability in harsh saltwater environments


Machined Gears: The Saltist main gears are machined from Daiwa's exclusive high strength alloy stock. These gears have very tight tolerances for extra high strength and a smooth retrieve feel. With a powerful ratio and rigid frame support the Saltist should deliver exceptional winding power right out of the box.


No graphite sideplates, the frame and every plate is built from high grade aluminum


Drag: The Saltist features a similar drag system as the Saltiga with stainless and grease impregnated fiber washers that offer super-smooth drag pressure up to 22% greater than the max drag of competitor reels of the same size. The secret rests in the wet drag system which effectively combats performance robbing heat while maintaining maximum contact with each disc's surface.


The oversized power grip found on the Saltiga finds its way to the Saltist


Ergonomics: Bottom line, if you like the Saltiga's ergonomics you will like the Saltist. Basic layout is very similar, and the "Full Metal Jacket" construction delivers a refined yet rugged feel. The same ergonomic handle we liked on the Saltiga has also made its way onto the Saltist. For added security the reel comes with an aluminum rod clamp.
Conclusion: There will be three Saltist models landing at local tackle shops any day now. These are the STT30T, STT40, and STT50 which are priced at $169.99, $179.99, and $189.99 respectively. Daiwa's Saltiga is a work of art, but the premium price of the reel has kept some anglers "wishing" rather than "fishing" with the fine product. With the introduction of the Saltist everyone will be able to enjoy Daiwa quality, ergonomics, and performance at an excellent price point well below the 200 dollar mark! While many competitors offer Saltwater reels with graphite components Daiwa bucks the trend with an all metal construction, quality wet drag, and superior machined gears. While we are still scratching our heads trying to figure out exactly how Daiwa managed to squeeze so much reel into such a low price tag, offshore anglers are sure to take pleasure in the amazing value that the Saltist represents. While our field tests will ultimately deliver the final verdict, its certainly hard to deny that on paper the Saltist has "Best Value" written all over it.









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