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Enthusiast Review


Round Reel Refinement - The JDM Daiwa Millionaire CT SV70 (continued)

Power: As mentioned earlier, the Millionaire CT SV70 features a very diminutive gear with standard cut teeth. Together with that 80mm handle, you would think that'd translate to not very much power, but I discovered quite the contrary out on the water. Granted, this is not a reel I would rely upon for pulling a deep running crank, but it's not designed for that. Switching things up with that 10lb YGK fluorocarbon, I fished the CT SV70 as a general purpose cranking reel throwing shallow and medium running cranks on one trip and it never skipped a beat.

A look at the reel's brass gear

In fact, I was having a blast with this reel matched with the ICBM Biwako Guide Special, because casting performance was so easy and free wheeling it took very little effort to place baits where I wanted and if I occasionally laid into a cast, those lures would fly.

The CT SV70's casting performance was so easy and free wheeling it took very little effort to place baits where I wanted

Click the reel over and even with the 7.2:1 gear ratio, the Millionaire CT SV70 pulled those baits through the water as if this is what it was designed to do. Once a fish hit, the reel never locked up and I had plenty of leverage to fight each fish that was at the end of the line.

The Millionaire CT SV70 is outfitted with an array of 5 drag washers consisting of one composite, two metal (one keyed), and two carbon washers.

Drag: Daiwa Japan outfits the Millionaire CT SV70 with an array of 5 drag washers consisting of one composite, two metal (one keyed), and two carbon washers. The stack is rated from the manufacturer as delivering up to eleven pounds (11lbs) of maximum pressure. I never came close to this drag setting and relied instead on the stack's smooth and consistent operation to tire the fish during battle. The drag stack is dry from the factory and performs flawlessly when called upon.

Even the line guide is classic (no TWS!).

No rubber padding on this thumb bar

Design & Ergonomics: If you're familiar with Daiwa's Millionaire platform and are a fan, this new CT SV70 will be familiar to you. It looks and feels like a traditional Millionaire reel. The round profile is consistent with 100-sized round reels out there today even though it is rated as a "70." Daiwa changed the size of the spool but not the housing. There are modifications to the frame and sideplates to close gaps caused by the smaller spool, but the overall size of the reel is the same.

These i-shaped knobs are among the most comfortable I've fished

The precision by which this reel is machined is inspiring

Price & Applications: Daiwa Japan's Millionaire CT SV70 retails for 52,500 JPY which comes to roughly $462 at the current exchange rate. This price can vary depending on how strong or weak the dollar is compared to the Japanese Yen. This is always the case when sourcing reels direct from outside markets. While it is a reel designed to enable finesse applications, the CT SV70 is more than just a finesse reel. It can handle just about anything you want to do with eight to ten pound test line. It may even handle six pound test fine too if you want more line capacity.

Another look at the 70 sized spool (right) versus the 100 (left)

The CT SV70 is more than just a finesse reel


Daiwa 2019 Millionaire CT SV70 Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Reels like this remind me of my affinity for round reels with machined parts 10
Performance Really good casting performance, smooth retrieve, and enough power to deal with most anything you're throwing on 8lb test 9
Price The epitome of JDM allure including the cost to acquire 6
Features SV spool, brass gear, extensive drag stack, machined frame, swept handle, saltwater enabled 9
Design (Ergonomics) Among the more comfortable round reel profiles to fish 8
Application More than just finesse 8

Total Score


Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Beautiful piece of machinery - Cost to acquire is high
+ A BFS enabled Millionaire - Not part of Daiwa USA's lineup
+ Super comfortable knobs - Some may find the handle short, but it is in scale with the reel and its intended applications
+ Casting is effortless (thank you SV spool)  

You know this kind of enthusiasm can only mean one thing

Conclusion: I knew I was missing my Millionaire platform reels but did not realize how much I missed them until I pulled the CT SV70 out of its box and admired its machined glory. Then, after spooling it up with line and matching it up for that first cast, it just kind of fell into place - a BFS enabled Millionaire. How cool is that?


Daiwa Japan's Millionaire CT SV70 has won our Ultimate Enthusiast Award


It was fun, yes, but where this reel really won me over was when I matched it up with a slightly more stout stick with slightly heavier line and had it handle crankbait duties. The Millionaire CT SV70 is a killer cranking reel for small, shallow to medium depth crankbaits. In this capacity, it is so fun that I found it difficult to put the combo down. In fact, I purchased a series of balsa cranks just so that I'd have more stuff to throw on this combo! You know that kind of enthusiasm can only mean one thing. Daiwa Japan's Millionaire CT SV70 has won our Ultimate Enthusiast Award!









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