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Reel Preview

Cabelas turns to a trusted manufacturer partner for their 2007 flagship reels


Date: 1/03/06
Tackle type: Reels
Manufacturer: Cabelas
Reviewer: Zander




Introduction: Basspro recently introduced their new reels, and yesterday Cabelas introduced their 2007 new Prodigy reels which are immediately recognizable by anglers as Daiwa built offerings. This is no secret of course, as the previous generation Prodigy spinning reel was basically a souped up Capricorn. In addition to the new Prodigy spinning reel Cabelas has also turned to Daiwa for their branded flagship baitcaster as well.

Introducing Cabela's new flagship baitcaster the Daiwa TD-A based Prodigy


New Cabelas Prodigy Baitcaster: The previous generation Prodigy was based on a Pinnacle baitcaster, and retailed for $99.99. The reel featured a low profile design, 6 BB + 1RB, and weighed in at a rather light 7.58oz. One of the most interesting things about the previous generation Prodigy was the inclusion of a flipping switch and a tandem cast control system. When it came time to revamp the Prodigy lineup for the 2007 season Cabelas turned to their proven partner Daiwa for their new reel. Introducing the new Prodigy baitcaster, based on the very popular Daiwa TD Advantage. The standard TD-Advantage features 5BB + 1RB and weighs 8.5oz, the supertuned HST model has 8BB +1RB and weighs 8.6oz. So where does the Prodigy fit in? Right in the middle with 6 BB + 1RB and a 8.6oz weight. The good news is the reel will retail for only $99.99, which is the same price as the standard TD-A. The Prodigy features the tuned perforated spool found in the HST, and makes use of proven Magforce-Z cast control. The reel features all aluminum construction, including the sideplate, and a unique gunmetal colored finish that helps set this reel apart from other TD-A variants. Both Cabelas and Daiwa fans will definitely want to make plans to add this reel to their collections.              


The Cabelas Prodigy spinning reel features one more bearing than the Daiwa Exceler


New Cabelas Prodigy Spinning reel: The previous Cabelas Prodigy was based on the Daiwa Capricorn. This reel had 7BB + 1RB, and became popular among Daiwa fans looking for even more refinement than the Capricorn. The new Cabelas Prodigy is based in the Daiwa Exceler which has 6BB + 1RB and features a 4.7:1 gear ratio. Following the tradition of souping up the Cabela's version the new Prodigy features a 7BB + 1RB design with the same 4.7:1 gear ratio. The reel features all the popular Daiwa features including HardBodyz aluminum body, DigiGear digital gearing design, and machined ABS spool. The handle is also outfitted with a cork filled soft touch knob. The reel retails for $69.99 for all sizes and is available in sizes ranging from 1500 to 4000. The reel comes in a slick looking white finish that really highlights the two toned ABS spool.    


The Revo SC is an affordably priced high speed reel only available from Cabelas 


Cabelas Special Abu Garcia Revo SC: Cabelas has often turned to manufactures for exclusives on supertuned special reels. A good example of this is the premium Daiwa Millionaire Bar-Stock casting reel. This time Abu Garcia has created a special Revo just for Cabelas. Similar to the Abu Garcia Revo S model the SC features 8BB + 1RB and weighs in at 8.6oz. What is unique about this reel is it has a 7.1:1 burner retrieve, normally something you would have to step up to the $149.99 SX model. The Revo SC retails for only $129.99 and makes use of Abu's oversized duragear main gear, carbon matrix drag system, and an all aluminum frame and side cover. The reel stands out a bit more than the Abu reels due to the deep red finish and perforated spool with red highlights.  


The Tournament ZX reel offers value minded anglers plenty of features for under 70 dollars


Tournament ZX: For value minded anglers Cabelas introduces the new Tournament ZX baitcaster. This reel is based on the new aggressive Pinnacle reels, and features the convenient slipping switch feature. The reel may only cost $69.99 but comes loaded with eight stainless steel bearings, a metal frame and gear box, tandem cast control (magnetic and centrifugal), and a soft touch paint job.


Conclusion: Cabelas has had success working closely with manufacturers to tweak popular reels and bring them into the Cabelas family of offerings, and expand on this strategy for this season. In addition Cabelas also takes their partnerships with manufacturers one step further by making exclusive specialty models available to anglers. This year Abu Garcia joins Daiwa as they offer an limited version of their popular Revo baitcaster through the catalog and e-tail powerhouse.









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