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Lure Review


Opportunity is 2Knocking for Bull Shad Swimbaits


Date: 7/17/19
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: Bull Shad Swimbaits
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.00 - GREAT

I've been a little reluctant to write up the subject of today's review since the manufacturer has called me out by name right on their website as the idea man behind the bait. Funny thing is, I don't recall ever giving them the suggestion. If there's one suggestion I do remember giving Mike Bucca of Bull Shad Swimbaits, it was about eight or nine years ago when I suggested he look into building a glide bait because it felt like that niche was about to take off. But what do I know. Instead what we have to talk about today is a variation on his original, silent Bull Shad Swimbait. Introducing the Bull Shad 2Knocker Swimbait.


Bull Shad 2Knocker Swimbait Specifications

Type Big Bait Slow Sink
Length 6"
Weight 2oz
Depth Any
Material Resin
Colors Gizzard Shad
Hooks Not specified
MSRP $60.00


Introducing Bull Shad Swimbait's 2Knocker bait


Impressions: Bull Shad Swimbaits's 2Knocker Swimbait is a six inch, four piece bait patterned after their original Bull Shad we reviewed back in 2010. It is a limited edition bait and not part of their normal production run, so there's no telling if more will be made once the current supply runs out.

Bull Shad Swimbaits's 2Knocker Swimbait is a six inch, four piece bait patterned after their original swimbait

Real World Tests: There once was a time where even a bait of this size would give me cause to gear up with super heavy line, a stout rod, and a big reel. Now I through a "tiny" 6", two ounce (2oz) bait like this on any heavy powered casting rod. Lately, when I don't have a rod I need to review able to handle these baits, I've been relying upon my Gancraft Killers Ground Trick casting rod. This is a six foot, seven inch stick rated from three quarters to three full ounces. I purchased it on my trip to Japan back in 2013. Matched to this rod is my Shimano Bantam MGL spooled with braid.

This tail design is becoming a signature feature for BullShad

Castability: There are no mysteries when casting Bull Shad's 2Knocker swimbait. It handles just like the original Bull Shad and given its small, fishable size, to me, it's like casting a spinnerbait. As long as your casting motion is efficient, the bait will fly straight and true. If there's any hitch in your giddy-up, the bait can tumble and your accuracy or distance (or both) will suffer. Just think smooth casting motion.

Bull Shad doesn't even bother to disguise the join pins

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