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Lure Review

More Flash and Splash with the appropriately named Booyah “Bi-You Buzz” (continued)

Real World Test: To discover just how good the Bi-You Buzz really is we decided to target bass in Clear Lake for the first round, then moved on to our home water in the California Delta to complete the tests. These two bodies of water allowed us to test the Booyah Bi-You Buzz in both clear and heavily stained water.


One of the lure's most innovative features is a flexible hook system

Casting: The Bi-You Buzz weighs 3/8oz. and is both easy and rather satisfying to cast. With each cast the blades whir loudly like a plane taking off and the splash landing is equally gratifying. I found it effortless to cast this buzzbait with just about every rod in my arsenal 6’6” in length and longer.


This hook system helped prevent fish in our tests from shaking the hook as a result of leverage on the wire or hook shaft


Retrieving: Once you cast the Bi-You Buzz it is time to bring the lure back to the boat on the surface. Usually with most buzzbaits you have to crank down hard to bring the bait to plane quickly, the Bi-You Buzz is among the easiest buzzbaits to plane, and the two blades actually add stability to the bait like a pair of pontoons the minute the bait is retrieved. I found I could plane the bait at a lower overall cranking speed than most buzzbaits allowing me to work it slower over fish holding areas, and burning it quickly back over open water.


The Bi-You Buzz puts out a serious amount of splash and leaves a churned wake in its path


The Bi-You Buzz generates a spirited splash on both sides of the bait, even spitting water up in the air, leaving a wide wake in trail. Bass would hit the lure as I retrieved this bait over weed mats, and I got a surprising number of strikes from bass at Clear Lake over open water leading me to believe that inquisitive bass are drawn greater distances by the especially dynamic Bi-You Buzz.


Bass were called up from the deep with the Bi-You Buzz


At the Delta the water was not nearly as clear and we received far fewer strikes, but as is normal on the Delta in the evening the buzzbait bite can really turn on. We had a couple days when this was the case, and we experimented with the Bi-You Buzz versus other buzzbaits. One such comparison came in an extremely weedy spot.


The Bi-You Buzz is available in a number of distinct color combinations, this gold pattern is called Cortez Shad


Next Section: Will vegetation stop the Bi-You Buzz?









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