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Lure Review

Creature Fever: Causing Havoc with the Berkley Hawk Hawg


Date: 1/9/13
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Berkley
Reviewer: Wolbugger

Total Score: 7.96 - GOOD

Introduction: Berkley is by far one of the most prominent names in fishing.  Boasting an enormous product lineup and impressive array of sponsored pros, it's hard not to notice the familiar red Berkley logo from time to time.   Taking the input from leading Bass pros, their Havoc lineup of soft baits are designed to professional standards and specifications.  New for 2012, the Bobby Lane designed Hawk Hawg is one such bait.  Tackle Tour is afflicted with a serious case of “Creature Fever”, so let's go in depth to see what makes this creature bait both appealing and unique!


Berkley Havoc Hawk Hawg Plastic Specifications

Type Creature Bait
Material Plastic
Depth Any
Size 5"
Colors/Patterns 15
MSRP $3.00-$3.49 per pack


Impressions: The Havoc Hawk Hawg (say that 3 times fast!) is available in just a 5” size.  This size makes it appealing to Bass of all sizes and also allows it to be rigged in several different ways.  Although it is marketed as being an excellent bait for Texas and Carolina rigs, it also makes a good jig trailer option when cut down to size. 

The baits are packaged in a resealable plastic bag.

The plastic on the Hawk Hawg of course is not as soft as a hand poured bait, but this helps keep the cost down and the durability up.  The plastic stays in place on the hook very well, and is good at resisting slipping or tearing even through heavy duty flipping of gnarly cover.

Regarding the design, the Hawk Hawg will remind you of the other “hog” style baits on the market, but with it's own unique tweaks.  The long, curled legs face outwards for maximum kicking action.  Above these legs are 2 large flaps that give added body and action to the bottom half of the bait.  Moving towards the head, the majority of the body section features pronounced ribs that offer an interesting texture and add vibration when pulling over and through cover.  The body also features thin wings that help the bait glide on the fall and add even more to the silhouette of this bait.

Green pumpkin, watermelon candy, and black with red fleck.  Salt is absent both on and inside these baits.

Real World Tests:  The  Berkley Havoc Hawk Hawg was subjected to flipping, pitching, and being dragged over rocks in several south Florida lakes and canals.  Armed with a handful of different colors, testing was conducted in bodies of water featuring clarity from 5 feet of visibility to downright dirty.  While braided line was the primary choice, 14lb mono was utilized for clearer water and sparser cover.

Pitching the bait into the thick stuff!

Casting:  The Hawk Hawg is a long, somewhat thin bait that lends itself well to casting.  Even with the large rear flaps, the rest of the bait doesn't provide a terrible amount of wind resistance to impede casting ability.  Most anglers will likely choose to use this bait while pitching, flipping, or Carolina rigging.  While it could be fished weightless on a lighter setup if desired, it is more effective and easier to use in conjunction with a weight.

The wings give the bait a slightly more erratic behavior.

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