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Event Article

Bass-a-Thon 2009 Coverage Part 1 - Big Baits in L.A.


Date: 11/22/09
Event: Bass-A-Thon 09
Nov 21-22, 2009
Location: Anaheim, CA
Reviewer: Team TackleTour


It seems like just yesterday we were in Anaheim covering Bass-A-Thon and yet a full year has passed and Anglers Marine once again hosts their popular show which attracts some of the biggest swimbait manufacturers in the business. We head down from TT headquarters in Northern California to cover the show and meet up with familiar big bait manufacturers and learn about a few new players on the scene as well.


Impressions: The Bass-A-Thon has long been a popular show among big bait manufacturers and fans of swimbaits that come out in droves to see the latest and greatest trout imitators and topwater wakebaits. Anglers from all over California and beyond drive or fly in to attend the show to see these lures firsthand and buy limited edition show specials. There is also a wealth of information to be had as some of the biggest names in the biz attend the show to share their experience and knowledge in seminars or behind the table of one of their sponsors.


It is 8am at Anglers Marine and attendees start entering the Bass-A-Thon Show


Though the Bass-A-Thon was only six days from the conclusion of the successful Bassjam 09 show there really wasn’t any question for us whether or not we would forgo sleep once again and make the drive down from the Bay Area. There was just simply too much too see, and when we confirmed that big bait pioneers like Scott Whitmer of 22nd Century would be in attendance we loaded our gear and headed south.


Pro Angler Kent Brown and host of Ultimate Bass radio welcomes attendees to the show


We arrived at the Bass-A-Thon two hours early putting us right in front of the store at 6am thanks to Cal’s “skillful” driving. BY 7:30am there was a good sized line of anglers waiting to get in and see just what the show had to offer. Once the show opened there was a mad dash to the back of the store where all the manufacturer tables were set up. With cameras in hand we got to work…


There were plenty of manufacturers on hand


Fish Head Spin - Swarming Hornet Lures - Farley Baits: As we head down the aisles the first table we encountered was Fish Head Spin/Swarming Hornet Lures where we met with Rick Steckelberg. We knew the company for their popular darter heads which come equipped with a spinning blade but were surprised to see they had designed a new swimbait called the Pro X.


First up is a new swimbait from Fish Head Spin


The Pro X is a sinking swimbait which has three segments and comes with a rattle to create more noise in the water. The tail section is made with high grade plastic and the bait is designed to create a very erratic wide side to side action when retrieved at just about every speed.


The Pro X Swimbait features two hinges


The Pro X finishes looked very realistic and patterns include Dark Rainbow, Smokin Shad, Light Rainbow, Pear White and Aurora Blue. The baits look abut five inches long and are available now for a price of 49 dollars per bait.


The trout pattern features a realistic finish


The bait is designed to whip back and forth aggressively during retrieves


The Pro X Swimbait features a soft tail


Rick Steckelberg showed us the new Pro X Swimbait


Next Section: CL8 Bait brings out a smaller swimbait









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