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Bass-a-Thon 2009 Coverage Part 2 – A look at some upcoming new rods


Date: 11/22/09
Event: Bass-A-Thon 09
Nov 21-22, 2009
Location: Anaheim, CA
Reviewer: Team TackleTour


It wasn't just big baits at Bass-A-Thon we were met with a number of rod manufacturers that had something new to introduce at the show. This included some rod manufacturers refining their lines as well as the resurgence of others.


It wasn't just big baits at the Bass-A-Thon, Pros like Brent Ehrler gave seminars on a wide range of topics


Phenix Rods: The team at Phenix was in attendance as well and gave us a sneak peek of their upcoming rod designs starting with their Iron Feather trout rods.


Phenix is preparing to introduce new rods with a brand new look and feel, one such rod is the "Iron Feather" prototype they showed us at the event


The Iron Feather is a complete departure from Phenix’s current rods and is a blend of traditional and new materials including graphite and eva grips with very custom looking carphon burlwood accents.


The Iron Feather features a very limber tip to protect light lines when fishing for trout and steelhead


This rod has an extremely limber tip capable of protecting light lines when targeting trout and steelhead and can also double as an excellent drop shot rod.


The rods feature beautiful burlwood accents


The Iron Feather rods make use of top notch components including titanium framed SiC guides and there will be four models  (6‘8”, 7‘2”, 7‘9” and 8‘6”) all be available in the January-February timeframe. This premium rod will also carry a premium price of 300 plus dollars.


Grips make use of eva foam. New Ultra MBX Classic rods will also feature these type of custom accents


In addition to the Iron Feather rods Phenix is also planning an update to their line of bass rods and while they were not able to share too many details with s at this point we did confirm they will be released under the “Ultra MBX Classic” series and also make use of burlwood accents in the grips.


John Perkins and Jason Roberts show us the new rods from Phenix, it sounds like next year will be full of new introductions of the redesigned rods


Next Section: Next up the return of Wade rods to bassin









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