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Bass-a-Thon 2009 Coverage Part 3 Lines and Plastics round out the show


Date: 11/26/09
Event: Bass-A-Thon 09
Nov 21-22, 2009
Location: Anaheim, CA
Reviewer: Team TackleTour


Introduction: In the conclusion of our Bass-A-Thon 2009 show coverage we look at plastics, lines as well as premium electronics and watercraft proving once again it isn't just big baits at Anglers Marine.


Lead designer Joe Uribe Sr. shows us the smaller Proprunner and new SpinTech hooks


Basstar: The team at Basstar was at the show displaying both their big baits and the very exciting SpinTech hooks. These are the first rotating treble hooks that allow anglers to add the 360 degree feature to any reaction bait they choose. The SpinTech Treble Hook reduces the chances of losing fish that spit out the hook. SpinTech Treble hooks are constructed with the line tie pin dropping directly down the center of the treble hook, so they remain balanced on any lure or bait.  


The Ribbit is a hand poured frog with unique attributes, notice the three dots in each leg, these are actually weights to give the frog a more realistic stance in the water


Western Plastics: Custom pouring plastics is really an art form when done right and the team at Western Plastics preserves the artistry behind hand pours with their robust line of plastics. We were actually familiar with this brand before the show, in fact Cal keeps a stash of these plastics for the Delta on his boat at all times.


Another quality example, the 6" Hawg Dawg


Known for their full sized worms Western Plastics also has a number of creature baits that include the Prime Ribbit which is a frog with a positive buoyant body and weighted legs which give the frog a very realistic look in the water. Because the legs rest below the body the frog appears just like a real frog at rest.


John Cassidy at Western Plastics shows us some of his full sized plastics designed to target big fish


Western Plastics makes use of "sweet plastic" which is durable and does not give off unpleasant odors like some lesser grades. All of their lures are hand poured right here in the U.S. and are reasonably priced as well. For example a pack of two Ribbits retails for only $4.95.


The Jackall Superpin-tail is the same bait Kota Kiriyama dropshotted to win the August 2008 Bassmaster Elite Series Empire Chase at Lake Erie


Jackall: The team at Jackall has been on a tear of sorts this season releasing a number of top selling products. One of the hottest new baits is the super pintail shad which is a 4" finesse bait (also known as the Jackall Crazy Ninja Worm in the JDM market). This bait features a realistic profile and has a tail designed to move around with the slightest twitch of the drop shot rod. The lures retail for $9.99 per pack and each bag comes with six baits.


Also known as the Crazy Ninja Worm in Japan


Does the market need another frog?


At the show Jackall also displayed a rather rare bait here in the U.S., their Mask frog. It has not yet been determined if this frog will make it to the U.S. market in quantity as Jackall is just testing the demand currently. The Mask frog is a floating bait that is rigged with a single hook. The frog comes in a variety of colors, many of which are semi-transparent allowing the company to get creative with patterns. Each frog weighs 12 grams and if you can find one of these frogs they should retail for around $12.00 each.


Jackall wants to find out with the Mask frog


The Mask Frog comes a range of patterns


Kurt showed us all the new lures including the popular Swimming Ninja



Next Section: More lures from Bassectomy and Nichols









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