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Interview & Event Article:

The Bait Barn, Catering to Tournament Anglers 24 Hours a Day

Date: 1/25/09
Location: Waterford, CA
Event Date: 1/03/09
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Since when have you heard of a tackle shop that specializes in high end product for tournament anglers that is open for 24 hours a day? We take a trip to get the story behind this distinctive shop located in Waterford, California.



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Welcome to the Baitbarn, located in Waterford, CA

The Bait Barn was taken over by Manny Basi seven years ago, at which time the facility had been transformed from an actual barn into a gas station and convenience store to service the local lakes which include Don. Pedro and Lake McClure. Manny’s parents worked in Silicon Valley for their entire lives and it was Manny who decided it was time to make a change and with the support of his parents was able to acquire the Bait Barn.

Street View

Left Side of the Store

Swimbait Aisle

Though the name implied a heavy emphasis on “baits” when the store was initially purchased there was only one small aisle of rather generic tackle in the store, the rest of the real estate was dedicated to chips, soda, and beer. Interestingly Manny and his brother Aman were not even big anglers at the time, and turned to a combination of web resources and local pros for guidance on what tackle to bring in.

The Baitbarn carries a wide assortment of premium tackle, just check out their Megabass wall

It didn’t take long for Manny to get seriously bit by the fishing bug and as his interest in the sport grew so did the amount of space dedicated to tackle within his store. Many local pros started coming into the store asking for special products, and he quickly learned about enthusiast grade products and decided to focus on a combination of premium products and those specifically requested by tournament anglers.

Got Plastics?

In our ongoing coverage of tackle shops and e-tailers we decided to pay a visit to the Bait Barn and see just what they had to offer. The Bait Barn is located in Waterford on Yosemite Boulevard, and just as the street name implies is situated on a major corridor to Yosemite National Park from the San Francisco Bay Area.

At the Baitbarn you can fuel your truck, boat, and stomach before you head out

When we visited the Bait Barn we first observed a standalone gas station tackle shop combination on the corner. The building does indeed resemble a small barn and outside there are a series of gas pumps and an area dedicated to propane. We walked in and were greeted by both Manny and his brother Aman who proceeded to give us the grand tour.

The store is a fully stocked convenience store, with limited real estate Manny needs to be selective of what tackle to bring in (notice the swimbaits hanging above the aisles)


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