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Tackle Storage Review

Albackore’s Reel Transports help organize and protect precious tackle at home and on the go


Date: 1/23/06
Tackle type: Tackle Storage
Manufacturer: Enjay/Albackore
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.58

Do you have tackle spread out on shelves, on tables, and anywhere else that there is flat real estate? The more tackle you amass the greater the need for organization and protection of your collection. This is especially true when you find yourself with an arsenal of reels. Fishing reels are among the most expensive of all tackle investments, and also among the hardest to keep in good condition. Albackore’s Reel Transports are designed to eliminate the challenges associated with organizing and protecting reels at home and on the go.

Reel Transport Specifications

Size/s Small (6 reels), Medium (8 Reels), Large (10 Reels)
Materials Cordura type Polyester, Velcro, Nylon zippers
Storage Compartments Customizable, 1 internal zippered pocket
Color Black
Price $29.99-69.99 (depending on size)

The Albackore Reel Transports are handsome looking and are completely black save for the small orange “Albackore” logo on the lid. The reel transports come in three sizes ranging from small to large. The small transport is designed to six smaller reels, the medium can hold eight small low-profile baitcast or round reels, and the large can hold ten mid sized offshore reels, or up to 6 oversized 2-Speed Big game reels. As you would expect, the Albackore Reel Transports are fully configurable and the padded inner interior is lined with a Velcro strip allowing anglers to adjust the sections. This makes it possible to hold even larger reels securely even in the smallest reel transport.


The Albackore Reel Transport features a clean luggage like look


The lid of the reel transport secures shut via a large non-corrosive nylon zipper. On the inside of the lid is a see through zippered mesh pocket. Underneath the mesh the lid is also insulated providing padding 360 degrees around your reels during transport.


A close-up of the Velcro straps that allow the transport to latch on top of the Albackore III flagship bag


Together as a complete system


Latched on you can still use the shoulder strap on the Albackore III, or just wear it in backpack mode


A close up of the woven surface of the Reel Transport


Ergonomics: How do you test a product like the Albackore Reel Transport? You simply use it for a long period of time. Three editors were given reel transports and each one of us used them over a period of 12 months to organize and transport an assortment of reels and tackle. I used the reel transport  to hold my bass and inshore reels, JIP employed the larger transport to carry backup saltwater reels, and Cal entrusted the transport to protect some of his most valuable import baitcasters. 


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