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Apparel Review

Versatile in adapting to various fishing situations, the Action Optics Seyschelle

Date: 4/21/02
Tackle type: Clothing/Accessory
Manufacturer: Action Optics
Reviewer: Buzz

Total Score: 8.25

If you want to fish all day, a good pair of polarized sunglasses are an absolute must.  Not only will they protect your eyes against bright glare offering U.V. protection, but they can actually allow you to increase your chances of catching fish.  For those who are skeptical, I would recommend trying any pair of polarized glasses so you can see first hand the crystal clear quality these lenses can offer you. 

Action Optics Seyschelle Specifications

Frame Style Seyschelle
Frame Color Tortoise (or black)
Lens Tint Polarized
Lens Size 60mm
Case Soft Shell
MSRP $144.95

Action Optics is the industry leader in manufacturing sunglasses that are solely built for fishing.  They offer a wide variety of lenses and frames that can match up well to enhancing your fishing experience.  The Action Optics “Seychelle” glass polarized sunglasses offer a stylish alternative that proves to be very versatile in adapting to a wide range of fishing situations.

The Seyschelle's lenses change color depending on light conditions to offer the optimum level of glare reduction

Why go Polarized?: 
Many anglers know that Polarized lenses offer an advantage over conventional lenses because they reduce the amount of glare reflecting off the surface of the water.  This actually allows you to see deeper into the water, which allows you to see structure and fish more easily.  Polarized lenses also give you 100% U.V. protection, which protects the sensitive parts of your eyes.

So you can only afford one pair of glasses for all of your fishing conditions
:  Action Optics “Seychelle” series glasses have many benefits that put them in a class all their own.  Most notably their photo-chromatic lenses darken and lighten according to the amount of light in the environment.  The result is that they can be used in low, medium, and bright conditions.  This can be an excellent option if you just want to stick with one pair of glasses and don’t want to fiddle around with changing lenses.  The spring hinges prove to be very durable under rough conditions, and the frames are re-enforced with a wire band that will last you through all of your fishing adventures.


The Seyschelle helps you see farther and deeper as the polarized lenses help reduce glare

The Real World Test: I have tried many less expensive versions of Polarized glasses not really seeing the benefit to spending over $100 when I felt the money could be better spent on tackle, equipment, or clothing.  However, after trying these glasses on I was impressed at their unique styling and would actually consider wearing them when I wasn’t fishing. 

Using them on the river helped me see deeper into the water than ever before.  The result was that I found myself casting into structure and to fish that I normally wouldn’t have seen before.  The result was simple.  I saw more fish than ever before, and caught more fish than with conventional sunglasses.

The Action Optics bag is strong enough to protect the Seyschelle lenses from scratches but not the frames from being crushed

Options: Action options offer a wide variety of frames, lens choices, and styles that allow you to choose a pair that fits your own personal criteria.  Don’t worry if your vision is not 20/20.  They also manufacture prescription lenses that allow you to custom order lenses that fit your prescription.  From a comfort standpoint they offer many types of wrap-around frames that allow you to find the frames that fit your face perfectly, not a one-size fits all deal where the glasses slide down your nose forcing you to raise them periodically.  They come with a soft shell case that allows protection assuring these glasses get to your fishing destination without scratches.


Action Optics Seyschelle Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality A solid frame construction with scratch resistant glass lenses offer superior durability on the water. 9
Performance These glasses will reduce the stress on your eyes, and allow you to see clearer, and deeper in the water than ever before. 9
Price At $144.95 MSRP, these glasses are not the cheapest pair of shades on the market.  However, for die hard anglers what you pay for in dollars is worth the versatility if you go with the photo-chromatic lens (darken as light gets brighter). 7.5
Features Simple design that proves for a comfortable fit, yet stylish.  Strong spring hinges yield a high level of durability especially where most glasses tend to break.  They also come with their own soft shell case that keeps them protected when you aren’t wearing them. 8
Design (Ergonomics) A solid design that features comfort as a primary factor. 8
Application These glasses will help you fish longer and more productively with less stress on your eyes. 8

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Advanced polarized technology L A tad heavy
J Comfortable fit L Somewhat pricey
J Versatile  

Conclusion: If you are going to fish long days you want to protect your eyes with the best technology on the market.  After all, you only have one set of eyes in a lifetime.  The Action Optics ”Seychelle” glasses will give you great performance and a wide range of versatility.  For the benefits these glasses offer, the price is not as steep as many other Polarized glasses on the market.  Simply, the more fish you see, the more fish you will catch.  These glasses will allow you to see camouflaged fish that you previously would walk right by if you were not wearing these glasses.  Test them yourself and you will know what I’m talking about.









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