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Reel Review


A REVO Four, Two Worlds - the Inshore


Date: 11/8/18
Tackle Type: Reel
Manufacturer: Abu Garcia
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.83 - GOOD

Freshwater lakes and waterways are not the only destinations for anglers seeking to wet a line. Inshore and brackish water species are just as fun to catch, but these environments are much more harsh on our equipment. Manufacturers have responded with increasing amounts of tackle built specifically for these situations. When Abu Garcia introduced their fourth generation lineup of low profile baitcasting reels, their REVO Inshore was among the models to receive a makeover.


Abu Garcia Revo4 Inshore Specifications

Line Capacity - Rated 12/180
Line Capacity - Spool Volume 14.8 cm3
Retrieve Ratio
Inches Per Turn (IPT) - calculated
8 - 29
Weight 7.8 oz
Spool Weight 17 g
Handle Length 95 mm
Bearings 6HPCR+1
Bearings per Knob 2 bushings
Levelwind Bearings 2 bearings
Rated Max Drag 24lbs (Power Stack Carbon Matrix)
Braking System IVCB-6L (centrifugal)
Origin Made in Korea
MSRP 249.99

Introducing the Revo4 Inshore.

Impressions: Abu Garcia's gen 4 REVO Inshore comes in a black and blue highlight color scheme. It features an extra-long, ninety five millimeter (95mm) handle finished with contoured EVA foam knobs. The reel has a deep spool to accommodate use with heavier lines and is available in only one retrieve ratio 7.3:1.


Abu Garcia's gen 4 REVO Inshore comes in a black and blue highlight color scheme.

Real World Tests: For the Revo 4 Inshore's tests, I spooled it with fourteen pound (14lb) Sunline Sniper Fluorocarbon and paired it with an ARK Rods VIP72MHXC Viper casting rod. The colors don't quite match, but it came down to need to review both products so the mis-match color scheme was made.

The Inshore comes with IVCB-6L brakes.

Casting: Abu Garcia equips the REVO Inshore with its IVCB-6L braking system. This is, by far, my favorite braking system from Abu Garcia, but it is also somewhat temperamental. It is a centrifugal brake system with six, adjustable flying brake arms. After you set the brakes internally, they can be further adjusted via an external dial that moves a plate within the sideplate towards or away from the brakes either limiting the amount they can extend (less brake force), or allowing them full extension (more brake force).

The external dial on the non-handle sideplate is for fine tuning the casting brakes.

Under calm wind conditions, baits really fly off reels with this system. Cross and tail wind situations are all manageable too, but you need to be super cautious when casting into the wind with this break setup. At least I do.

The Inshore comes with a 95mm handle.

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