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Reel Review


Casting Wind Sprints with Big Baits : Abu Garcia's Beast Rocket (continued)

Power: What the Beast Rocket has over its smaller, original Rocket sibling is power. Thanks to the reel's larger overall size and hence, larger main gear, the Beast Rocket has the torque and power lacking in the smaller, standard sized Rocket. It can easily pull large baits that don't want to swim fast, back to the boat only to be sent out again on another sprint.

Spooled with Spider Wire Stealth Camo braided line

The Beast Rocket does a good job of helping you gain line as you're battling a fish back to the boat too. That large, oversized handle and the reel's overall larger stature is simply more robust than the smaller Revo Rocket. The Beast platform in general is very reliable in this regard.

The most photogenic drag stack we've come across

Drag: I didn't experience anything different in terms of drag performance from this faster Rocket variant of the Beast. I very rarely, if ever, lock down my drag as tight as I can turn that dragstar choosing instead, to wear my catch down with the slow, smooth, consistent resistance of the drag. Abu Garcia has done an excellent job with their new Power Stack Carbon Matrix drag setup. Each of the reels I've fished outfitted with this new stack has performed very well in this department.

Despite its beastly proportions, the Beast Rocket is a comfortable size

Design & Ergonomics: Unfortunately, for me, the Beast Rocket has the same exact handle and knob design as the standard Beast. Those knobs are just too big for me. Additionally, while the standard beast comes with an optional, single knob handle, there is no such provision with the Rocket variant. The good news is all the micro-click adjustments are there with this reel in the dragstar and spool tension knob.

Abu Garcia must have inshore applications in mind considering the knobs on this $300 reel aren't bearing supported

A somewhat surprising discovery with the Beast Rocket is that its spool is not free floating. Unlike that of the standard gen 4 Revo Beast, there's a shaft that extends from the spool through the pinion gear on this variant. It's a common assumption that reels with a free floating spool versus this design cast further, but as I shared in the 2015 Zillion TWS vs Tatula Z article, this simply is not the case. I just find it interesting that the standard Beast would come with a free floating spool while the Beast Rocket, based of the same platform, does not.

Unlike the other Beast reels, this variant has a shaft through spool

Price & Applications: If you're interested in going faster, the Beast Rocket will set you back $20 more than the standard Beast. Retailing at $299.99, this variant is offered at a small premium over the original. It is a reel built to bring back whatever you're throwing, faster than normal and probably more suitable in pursuit of bigger, faster fish species than largemouth bass. I'm referring to striper, pike, musky, peacock bass. How I'd love to take this reel down to the Amazon and rip lures through that stained water in pursuit of peacock bass.

The Beast Rocket retails for $299.99


Abu Garcia Revo4 Beast Rocket Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality A flashier, dashier version of the familiar Beast. This reel is built like a tank and will hold up to top of the food chain freshwater fish 9
Performance An excellent performer in just about all categories 9
Price More than even the original Beast. At $299 this reel is an fair deal 6.5
Features Same as the standard beast but missing the optional handle 7
Design (Ergonomics) Fun, bright color to match the smaller, original Rocket, but the knobs are still too big for my liking 7
Application If you need capacity for thicker line with a fast reel in pursuit of big, mean fish species, the Beast Rocket is a winner 8

Total Score


Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
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Pluses and Minuses:


+ A fast reel capable of holding larger diameter lines - Would like a smaller option for the knobs
+ Speed with power  
+ Larger profile, but not too large  

If you want or need good line capacity in a reel that wastes little time in picking up your line, this Rocket variant is a Beast

Conclusion: Unless you have a fast paced application in mind where you need heavier line, I'm not so certain the Revo Beast Rocket is perfectly suited for bass fishing. I usually found myself having to slow down to get bit. Remember, because of its larger size, this reel is more like a standard sized bass reel with a 10:1 retrieve ratio. I think its real purpose is in pursuit of bigger, badder, meaner fish. Of course, I say that for now and sooner or later there's going to be a hot bite on something like a swim jig just burned through sparse patches of weeds. Whatever the actual application, if you want or need good line capacity in a reel that wastes little time in picking up your line, this Rocket variant is a Beast.


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