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Reel Preview

Abu Garcia prepares to introduce new additions to their low profile reels lineup

Date: 5/30/07
Tackle type: Reels
Manufacturer: Abu Garcia
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: Just last season Abu Garcia surprised anglers with their introduction of the Revo series of low profile baitcast reels. For 2008 the team at Abu Garcia continue to build upon the popularity of these quality reels by further introducing high performing reels in different flavors. Wait no more and forget the rumors, here's the real deal right here...


Introducing the 6.35 ounce lightweight Abu Garcia Revo Premier

Revo Premier: The Revo STX is an outstanding reel that's well built and high performing, being powerful, smooth, and has an incredible drag that'll stop a freight train. Though the STX did very well in most categories it did come in a weight of 8.75 ounces. This is where the new 2008 Revo Premier comes in. This new reel is only 6.35 ounces but has all the performance of the STX.


Abu Garcia Revo Premier

Model Bearings Weight Line Cap (lbs/yds) Gear
REVO PRM 6 6.35 oz 12/145 6.4:1
REVO PRM-L 6 6.35 oz 12/145 6.4:1


Here are the highlights of the Revo Premier. It's 27 percent lighter than the STX, it has a one piece aluminum frame and crank-side cover, six stainless steel HPCRbearings, STX's tough Carbon Matrix™ Drag system, aircraft grade aluminum spool with the Infinity II spool design, and a Linear Magnetic Brake™ system. The Premier reel, having a gear ratio of 6.4:1, will come in a right and a left hand retrieve model, and at the moment it is planned to bear a retail price of $259.


The stunning new Revo Inshore

Revo Inshore: After our in-depth review last year on the Revo STX we really wanted to see a saltwater version of the Revo and so did many other anglers. We ask and Abu Garcia delivers with the Revo Inshore low profile baitcast reel based on the rugged Revo STX.


Abu Garcia Revo Inshore

Model Bearings Weight Line Cap (lbs/yds) Gear
REVO INS 7 8.68 oz 12/175 6.4:1
REVO INS-L 7 8.68 oz 12/175 6.4:1


The Inshore reel is fabricated out of an exclusive one piece X-Craftic alloy frame and crank-side cover for enhanced corrosion resistance. Along with the saltwater-ready body design the reel incorporates seven stainless steel HPCR bearings, Duragear brass gears, Carbon Matrix™ Drag system, centrifugal brake system, and the Infinity II spool design. The reel also uses a stainless steel crankshaft for additional durability against the corrosive saltwater environment. The Inshore reel is 8.68 ounces  (9.1 ounces with the Power Handle) in weight, has a larger line capacity than the Revo STX - 12/175, and a gear ratio of 6.4:1. The reel, either left or right hand retrieve, will retail for about $229 and each reel will be packaged with a Power Handle and a Extended Throw Handle for different inshore applications.


Durable components and materials are used on the Inshore


Redfish Professional Anglers Kris and Jonathon Culpepper have thoroughly tested the Inshore reel and commented, "Casting to a tailing redfish requires patience and demands a reel that can cast with accuracy and distance. Once the hook is set that same reel must have a smooth and powerful drag and the muscle needed to boat the fish as fast as possible. The REVO Inshore was built for saltwater angling and gives me the casting and catching advantage for high stakes tournament fishing."


The reel comes with two handles, the Extended Throw Handle and this Power Handle


Max: The Revo series is a great reel but even the Revo S is over $100. Abu Garcia answers with the Max, an affordable series of low profile reels that any mainstream angler can afford. The reels, taking on a similar profile of the Revo reels, will be broken down to the following three models: Pro Max, Silver Max, and Black Max.


The Pro Max - great value and performance


Pro Max: The Pro Max is the highest of the series. This reel is 7.86 ounces and sports eight bearings, a gear ratio of 6.2:1, precision machined Duragear brass gears, Power Disk Drag system, and Abu Garcia's MagTrax Brake System. The Pro Max will retail for $79 and at the moment only right hand retrieve is available.


Abu Garcia Pro Max

Model Bearings Weight Line Cap (lbs/yds) Gear
PMAX 8 7.86 oz 12/160 6.2:1


Introducing the Silver Max which costs only $59


Silver Max: Next in line is the Silver Max, having a silver appearance along with a red Wiffle spool, this reel has a gear ratio that's the same as the Pro Max along with the same features but has a total of six bearings instead of eight. The Silver Max will retail for $59.


Abu Garcia Silver Max

Model Bearings Weight Line Cap (lbs/yds) Gear
SMAX 6 7.86 oz 12/160 6.2:1


Here's the Black Max... a wicked looking low profile reel


Black Max: Retailing for only $49 the Black Max is the most affordable out of the Max series. This low profile reel from Abu Garcia looks pretty stunning with a black body design and a red spool. It has all the features of the other Max reels but features only five bearings.


Abu Garcia Black Max

Model Bearings Weight Line Cap (lbs/yds) Gear
BMAX 5 7.86 oz 12/160 6.2:1


Here's what Professional Angler Hank Parker has to say about the Max series. "You don't have to be a tournament pro to be a serious fisherman but you can use Abu Garcia equipment exactly like theirs. The Max Series are built tough with features demanded by professional anglers. There is not a technique nor a bass, walleye, steelhead or other freshwater fighters these reels can't handle."


Conclusion: Building on the success and popularity of the Revo reels, especially the Revo STX, Abu Garcia continues down the right path by introducing new 2008 offerings that's pretty stunning, following all the right designs from its predecessor plus some improvements. The Revo Premier is lighter than the STX but with the same performance. The Revo Inshore is similar to the STX but much more corrosion resistant by using different materials. And the new Max series - Pro Max, Silver Max, and Black Max are all low profile reels that are under $80 without sacrificing performance. The reels mentioned above will be shipping in September 2007. Since the introduction in 2007 of Abu Garcia's exciting low profile Revo reels the company hasn't slowed down a bit and for this coming year they give anglers exactly what they have been asking for as they build upon their quality design with a slew of refined solutions.









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