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Holiday Gift Guide

2015 Holiday Gift Guide Part 3: Something for the Salt and Angling Apparel


Date: 12/1/15
Tackle type: Various
Manufacturer: Various
Reviewer: Team TackleTour



Introduction: We want to say thank you to all our readers for another great year of sharing your passion for all things angling. There was some great tackle introduced this season, many of which are just making the way through our test process, and plenty to talk about this winter. Thanks again for joining us on this journey and have a great holiday season! Let's wrap things up in this year's Holiday Gift Guide with our picks in the saltwater, tools, optics, and angling apparel categories.


Saltwater Reel : Shimano TwinPower - $479.99 to $619.99 - call Hi's Tackle Box


Saltwater Reel (Shimano TwinPower): Let's kick things back into gear with the robust Shimano TwinPower spinning reel which is designed with a durable cold-forged HAGANE drive gear and an all metal HAGANE body to deliver flex free performance even when dealing with the torque of powerful saltwater fish. Whether your casting for Striped Bass in the surf or jigging for Amberjacks the Shimano TwinPower delivers plenty of fish fighting power and has the technology and features to stand up to harsh saltwater environments. The TwinPower may not be cheap but it is designed to provide that angler on your list years of consistent performance. Unfortunately the secret is out and popular 4000 and 5000 sizes are often sold out. Hi's Tackle Box specializes in carrying hard to get saltwater reels like the TwinPower and the best way to lock on down is to give them a call at 1.800.737.5181 to check availability.


Saltwater Rod : G-Rods ProStriper 11' MHS - $429.99 - call Hi's Tackle Box

Saltwater Rod (G-Rods Pro Striper Surf Rod): Surf fishing experienced a bit of revival here in Northern California this past year with one of the largest and longest lasting runs of striped bass along the beaches stretching from San Francisco down to Santa Cruz. We joined in on the action and one of the sticks that shined in our efforts was from new manufacturer, G-Rods International. Their 11' MHS ProStriper stick, the industry's first rods built with new material, graphene, launches minnow baits and smaller poppers with ease for some really far casts. Distance can be the difference between getting bit and not getting bit on the surf. G-Rods is just setting up their network and are available through Hi's Tackle Box, but you have to call the store as the product is not yet on their website: 1.800.737.5181.

Saltwater Lure : Megabass MarineGang 140 - $26.99 at Hi's Tackle Box

Saltwater Lure (Megabass MarineGang 140): Need a minnow bait to launch out in the surf? Megabass's MarineGang 140 features a very unique internal weight transfer system that pushes to the back of the bait through the force of your cast with a very loud, audible "CLACK", adding extra momentum to your bait resulting in longer, more streamline casts than with other minnow style baits. The internal weight can only be actuated on cast and is perfectly still within the bait during the retrieve and when held in your hand and shaken violently. The casting distance enabled by this bait is truly astounding. Megabass's MarineGang 140 minnow baits are available through Hi's Tackle Box.

Optics : Amphibia Depthcharge - $148.99 at TackleWarehouse

Optics (Amphibia Depthcharge): Our introduction to Amphibia Sports's floating tech sunglasses came courtesy of their Hydra frames last year. We enjoyed fishing these shades so much, and experienced the benefit of their floating technology on at least one if not two occasions, that they've easily made it into our picks for this year's Gift Guide recommendation as well.

Optics : Amphibia Depthcharge - $148.99 at TackleWarehouse

Last year's Hydras are still in our review queue but moving for this year's gift guide recommendation are the full frame Depthcharge shades. Available in six different frame colors, each with their own unique lens color, Amphibia's Depthcharge shades retail for $148.99 and can be found at TackleWarehouse.

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