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Electronics Accessory Review

Pelican Takes Aim at Protecting Your Personal Electronic Devices


Date: 1/10/12
Tackle Type: Electronics Accessory
Manufacturer: Pelican
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score:  (Hardback)8.5 - GREAT : (Micro)7.92 - GOOD

How many of you have dropped your cell phones in the water while fishing? How many of you have done this more than once? Do you have the need to take your notebook computer with you on the boat or into conditions where you are likely to encounter rain? Water is to personal electronics as kryptonite is to one of our favorite superheroes, but where lead is an effective means to shield Superman from the harmful effects his home planet meteor rock, where is the protective shielding for our cell phones and notebook computers? Pelican has the answer with their i1015 Micro-Case and HardBack 1090 notebook case.


A TT Editor's work is never done - especially out on the water.


Impressions: Anyone who has seen the TackleTour crew in action during ICAST, on a travel assignment, or at any of the consumer fishing tackle shows knows we don't travel far without our Pelican 1510 series roll away cases to protect our camera equipment. In fact, I have two of these cases to hold the majority of my camera gear and am thinking about a third or one of the larger cases.


Thanks to Pelican, we can now keep our personal electronic devices safe.

Pelican has been in business for nearly forty years making cases to help professionals in a variety of markets protect their gear. Their cases are used by everyone from firefighters to policemen, to people in the military and aerospace, and of course to those in the photo and film industries and more. They have a strong reputation for building solid, virtually indestructible, cases to protect all kinds of valuable equipment from the elements and providing safe ways to store this equipment during transport.

Yes, that means our cell phones too.

Earlier this year, we learned of a couple more broader market products built to protect two items near and dear to many a consumer, their iPhones and notebooks. Could a company so used to servicing demanding professions build products suitable for the everyday consumer? Let's find out.

Our recent trip on the water with Vince Borges provided the perfect opportunity to test the new cases from Pelican.

HardBack 1090: First up is Pelican's new notebook computer case. They offer this case in several different sizes. The specific model we tested is the 1090 HardBack case. This model is built to house notebook computers up to fifteen inches in size. This is the physical size restriction of the case measuring 15 x 11.32 x 1.92 inches on the inside.

Pelican HardBack 1090 Specifications

Type Notebook Computer Case
Dimensions (Exterior) 15.83" x 13" x 2.86"
Dimensions (Interior) 15" x 11.32" x 1.92"
Weight (with foam) 3.32 lbs
Temp Range -10d / 200d F
Certifications 1 meter submersion for 30 minutes
Features Pick N Pluck Foam, Easy snap anodized aluminum latch, Vent with Gore-Tex membrane for pressure balance, lifetime guarantee
MSRP $70

The Hardback 1090 is available with a “Pick-N-Pluck” interior cushioning or a computer case liner (model 1090CC). The pick-n-pluck interior features a foam interior made up of individual squares held together by small joints that are easily broken so you can pull out individual squares to custom configure the cushion around the object you intend to protect.

Introducing Pelican's 1090 HardBack notebook case.

Shown here with a MacBook Air.

Our case featured this Pick-N-Pluck interior and we were able to easily configure the lining to hold and protect a 12” MacBook Air notebook computer. The hardest part of setting the 1090 HardBack case up to house the MacBook Air was pulling out that very first foam square. Once the first one is plucked out, it’s just a matter of getting your fingers in there to pull out the others in succession. It is a very easy system to configure. Once complete, the MacBook Air fit inside snug and sound.

Doh! Intentionally? Really?

Thank goodness it floats!

Next Section: Did the Macbook Air survive? Check the video









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