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Shimano Employs Graphite in the Redesigned Saros Spinning Reel


Date: 6/24/12
Tackle type: Reels
Manufacturer: Shimano
Reviewer: Team TackleTour




Introduction: Shimano will be unveiling a number of new spinning reels this ICAST, mostly a revamp of the middle of their mainstream range, which includes the Symetre and Sahara. Positioned right below the iconic Stradic is the Saros Series and the new FG model is probably the most intriguing spinning reel update for the company this season.


Shimano will introduce the newly redesigned Saros FA spinning reel at this coming ICAST

The newly updated Saros FA will debut at ICAST and is designed to offer a lot of what makes Shimano spinning reels so popular at an aggressive $139.99 price point. While the current Saros features an aluminum construction this new reel follows the Stradic CI4 and makes use of a new graphite composite material. This new graphite is called “XGT7” and is designed to be lightweight but also extremely durable.  How durable? Shimano says the XGT7 material is 200% stronger than the material used in the CI4.

The Saros FA makes use of the quick adjusting "Rapid Fire Drag" which first debuted on the Sustain FG just a season ago

This new graphite material is utilized in the frame, sideplate and rotor and the reel is finished with an aluminum spool. The Saros FA also makes use of a reinforced stamped bail for reliable line pickup. The Saros features the S and SR Concept designs and the Propulsion Line Management System, and internally the reel also benefits from the company’s Paladin gear durability enhancements which improve gear strength and endurance.

The Saros features a durable stamped bail

The aluminum and brass guts combined with the corrosion resistant exterior of the new Saros make this a good reel for not just freshwater applications but inshore as well, and Shimano will be introducing sizes ranging from 1000 to 4000 to tackle everything from Panfish to small Tuna. To stand up to these fish Shimano has now incorporated the X-Ship designs which was previously only found on higher end reels, and should help deliver much improved cranking power and feel over the previous Saros.

The smaller 1000-3000 size reels make use of a barrel handle...

When there is a fish on the line the Saros will also benefit from Shimano’s Rapid Fire Drag design which was first introduced on the Sustain FG. This design delivers a much more aggressive drag curve so that rotating the drag knob just half way delivers the same pressure change as up to two full rotations on traditional reels. Anglers fishing light tackle will find this feature delivers much quicker adjustment when needing to make changes to keep pressure on fish and away from snag ridden structure.

...while the larger 4000 size has a power handle for extra grip

Overall the Saros FA features compact styling and a much darker finish which helps makes the reel look even smaller and also ties it in with the Stradic CI4 and Sustain FG. Weight-wise the Saros FG is the same or slightly lighter than the previous aluminum based version depending on model. The Saros FA will come with a 6.0:1 retrieve ratio except the 4000 size which will feature a slower more powerful 5.8:1 gear ratio. Each reel comes with 5A-RB + 1 A-RB roller bearing configuration.

Shimano says the new graphite XGT7 material is hard to distinguish from aluminum and is 200% stronger than their current graphite material  

These reels will be available for order from retailers and e-tailers like Tackle Warehouse on or around July 11th, and will retail for $139.99 each, except the larger 4000 size which will be just 10 dollars more. In typical Shimano style some of the features that were once reserved for the company’s higher end offerings has now trickled down the spectrum and made their way into the Saros FA, but the story is not just how many features Shimano has managed to cram in here for $139.99, but also the new extra durable XGT7 graphite material which makes this reel possible.  









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