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Electronics Preview


Fishing Drones Have Arrived: The Ludicrous PowerRay, a Fishing Drone that Uses Sonar and 4K Video to Catch Fish


Date: 1/8/17
Tackle type: Drone/FishFinder
Manufacturer: PowerVision
Reviewer: Zander

It was just a matter time before the drones conquered the seas and this CES PowerVision, a robotics company and maker of consumer drones, introduced the PowerRay submersible at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. The company boldly states that the PowerRay underwater robot brings “ground-breaking features designed to revolutionize freshwater, saltwater, or ice fishing for today’s recreational fishing enthusiasts and casual hobbyists.”




The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the event for all things electronics and this year it seemed like the theme was how many “things” that companies could squeeze the internet into or automate. As you might expect drones continued to be a hot topic at the event, but arguably the most interesting drone didn’t come from well known brands such as DJI or Yuneec but rather PowerVision Technology, headquartered in San Mateo, CA.

Don't mind the mermaid, is she holding the future? meet the soon to be launched PowerVision PowerRay fishing robot

While most other drones were flying high in the increasingly crowded skies the PowerRay instead looks to dominate our rivers, lakes, and even the oceans, and is targeting anglers in particular.

We checked out the new PowerRay drone at PowerVision's booth at CES2017 today

If you thought fish already had it bad wait until they face the PowerRay robot that features an optional add-on component, PowerRay Fishfinder, which leverages sonar system to detect fish with precision and sends images of fish and underwater landscape, temperature data, as well as alerts to users through internal Wi-Fi to enable fishermen to make on the fly angling decisions. The drone can dive up to 98 feet underwater and use sonar to detect fish up to 131 feet below the drone. The drone’s internal Wi-Fi system allows transmission of images and data over a distance of 262 feet. The PowerRay Fishfinder is designed to be easy to install to the robot and can also be detached as a stand-alone fish finding device.

PowerVision representatives explain how the PowerRay will change fishing

The PowerRay fishfinder can be used with the drone or standalone

A closer look at the actual PowerRay Fishfinder prototype

Using the PowerRay Mobile App, anglers can view real-time transmitted photo or video captured by PowerRay’s integrated 4K UHD camera on any iOS or Android mobile devices, in addition to receiving fish-identifying images, underwater data, and alerts.  Anglers can also view the real-time position of the PowerRay robot, select travel mode, speed, and light setting, and operate the integrated 4K UHD camera functions for underwater photography and videography, all through the PowerRay Mobile App.

The PowerRay has a sleek hydrodynamic profile

Propulsion capable of two integrated props

Now the ludicrous part, the PowerRay is not just designed to find fish or film your catch, it is also designed to catch fish! The drone can employ an optional, remotely operated precision remote bait drop.  Users can secure baits and operate the PowerRay robot to deliver the bait precisely to the desired location, monitor and control the entire fishing experience through the real-time viewing in the PowerRay Mobile App. Anglers can even turn on an internal fish luring light with a blue hue to attract fish to the location and bait.

The PowerRay is not just for finding and filming fish it is designed to catch fish

If all this doesn’t blow your mind yet how about getting further immersed in the experience? Anglers can even have a full on first person view (FPV) of what the drone is seeing and even control the robot through a wearable VR goggles. With gravity and gesture recognition capabilities, the PowerVision VR Goggles are designed to enable anglers to interact with and manipulate the drone simply by tilting their heads to control turns and diving depth. With this technology you can literally “swim” with fish, find out where the lunkers are hiding, and present your bait.

Conventional controls...

...and VR goggle controls are designed to give anglers a first person view of their hunt for fish

Imagine searching for fish and positioning baits while remaining stationary like in ice-fishing applications

For video fanatics the PowerRay will open up new doors and details for the 4K UHD camera include a 100-degree wide-angle lens, MP4 video at 30fps, Burst Mode photo shooting at 5fps in 12 megapixels, 1080P real-time image and video streaming, integrated adjustable light for photography and videography. The drone can film and fish underwater up to 4 hours at a time and the fishfinder’s operating time is the same. The base PowerRay robot weighs in at only 7.7lbs and the various accessories can add another 4.4lbs if fully integrated.  

The PowerRay complete kit with accessories can be easily transported in a single case

Is this fishing? One thing for sure the dawn of the fishing drone era has arrived

The PowerRay looks like a very exciting product, but the proof will come when we actually get to experience what the robot can really do in the field. It is a lot to take in, and while all of this may sound ludicrous, we all know that “ludicrous” can also be groundbreaking and exciting all at the same time, and what might seem foreign today can sometimes become the norm. As with drones in the air, the technology is advancing faster than the regulation, so we will have to see how fish and game authorities respond to technology such as this. Can you really call it “fishing” if a drone is in the water doing all the things that the PowerRay claims to be able to do? Maybe, maybe not, but one thing for sure, the fishing drones have arrived and fish should be afraid, very afraid.









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