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Reel Preview


13 Fishing's Aggressively Priced One 3 Origin Reels


Date: 3/29/17
Tackle type: Reels
Manufacturer: 13 Fishing
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: 13 Fishing's Official Classic Releases included a new entry lineup with a clever play on their 13 brand; Meet the new "ONE 3" reels. These new baitcasters are instantly recognizable alongside 13 Fishing's higher end offerings and are designed to provide anglers with high quality low-profile reels at exceptional price points. 


The first new baitcaster from the ONE3 lineup, meet the Origin A


The Origin: It seems only fitting that the first new ONE3 reel series is dubbed the "Origin." The Origin A features a black finish with striking white knobs and a compact form factor that is sculpted to be very comfortable to palm.


This sleek looking reel is made out of composite but only retails for $79.99


As you probably guessed the new reel is constructed out of a composite to keep cost and weight down but when it comes to features the reel certainly does not skimp. The Origin A comes with 6+1 stainless ball bearings and Japanese Hamai Cut Gearing, and a well balanced aluminum spool


The familiar 13 Fishing Arrowhead Line Guide


The Origin A is designed to be a good caster as well and leverages the company's Arrowhead Line Guide paired with a internally adjustable 6-way centrifugal braking system. When there is a fish on the line the reel also puts out decent stopping power with a drag system that is rated at 13lbs. max drag. The best feature of all? The price tag. Retailing for only $79.99 the Origin A is among the most aggressively priced value-mainstream reels on the market.


Want more refinement and still stay under 100 dollars? The Origin C features an aluminum frame and higher end bearings and drag design


More than Black and White: For anglers looking for a little more refinement the company is also offering the Origin C, which basically reverses the frame and knob color scheme of the Origin A, and while it is definitely less stealthy than the C model it is by far more bold and striking.


The differences are more than just skin deep, and for just 20 dollars more the company offers a boost in performance and feature-set.


The clutch features the 13 logo, and the front of the reel has the KeepR integrated hook keeper


Enhanced features in the Origin C start with an aluminum frame, 1+4+1 higher end stainless steel bearings and a souped up drag that makes use of multiple drag washer materials to dole out 18lbs. of drag pressure. Is that worth 20 dollars? We think so.


A compact gearbox holds the Japanese cut gears. Both the Origin A and C will be available in left and right hand retrieve


The gearing on the Origin C is also Japanese Hamai cut gearing but the casting system is souped up with the company's "High Spin" bearings, while the brakes are also a 6-way internally adjustable centrifugal system. For just $99 dollars the Origin C looks like the one to get and it will be interesting to see how this compares with 13 Fishing's own Inception baitcaster which is already a steal at only $119 dollars. One very nice thing to see with this launch is 13 Fishing is introducing all their Origin reels with 6.6:1 and 8.1:1 retrieve ratios in both left and right hand retrieve from the very start.  


Out of the box the new Origin C looks striking but if you want to personalize the reel the Trick Shop components are compatible!


If black and white really isn't your thing then feel free to mix it up. Even though these reels are at the entry level of the company's offerings it is great to know that they made them "Trick Shop" compatible, so that anglers can upgrade and personalize their reels.

Everything from the spool, handle, and even drag star can be changed out to create a reel that not only matches your favorite rod, but is a design of your own creation. These aggressively priced reels have just been announced and will become available in the Summer timeframe.


Looking for the ONE3 Origin Baitcasters?

TackleWarehouse has the new reels available for Pre-Order now  










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