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Lure Preview


A Better Jig? NuTech's Lures are Designed Not to Hang Up 


Date: 2/8/17
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: NuTech
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Build a better jig. It seems simple enough but with something as straightforward as a jig how much can you really innovate? Sure there are new patterns, different head designs, maybe even other skirt materials, but creating something really unique is a challenge. NuTech didn't take the easy route and turned to physics to create their lineup of signature jigs, which are designed to increase hooking accuracy and resist snags better so you can put the jigs right over the structure, in front of more fish, with the goal of driving more strikes and landed fish. These jigs are garnering increasing interest from bass anglers and we decided it was time to preview their latest lineup.  


The NuTech Elite Skirted Jig doesn't look quite like any other jig on the market


NuJig Elite Skirted Jig: NuTech sculpted their jigheads with physics in mind, creating a cam head design that is designed to stay constantly upright as it comes in contact with the complete spectrum of snaggy terrain. The hook angle is designed to not just hook up but hold on to fish and even the eyelet is designed at an angle versus just vertical to prevent the loss of leverage. The other thing you will notice about the NuTech jigs is the unique weedguard that is made out of two solid rubber strands and attached in a "V" formation to keep the jig from hanging up, but still flexible enough to provide easy hooksets when you detect those bites. They call these "guide arms" and even if the jig does flip over they are firm enough to help the jig roll over the structure so it can right itself. What makes this particular model "elite" is also the use of a Trokar 5/0 hook. This jig is available at TackleWarehouse for $5.49 each in a variety of different colors and weights ranging from 3/8oz. to 1/2oz..   


Not your everyday football head for sure


Blitz Football Head Skirted: It sounds cliché but football head jigs usually are shaped just like footballs, unless that is a NuTech Jig, in which case that "football" is loaded with angles to form a squared off cam design that is compact but still designed to help this jig survive contact with rocky terrain.


The rubber guide arms weedguard is a lot stronger than you might think


We tested the baits in the test tank and sure enough every time we dropped the bait they naturally rested in the upright position, and the skirts did a very good job flaring out, creating movement and volume. Staying upright the hook is also presented in the perfect position to drive the hookset once a fish snatches the bait. The Blitz football jigs also feature those double weedguards to keep the lure from snagging up but also has that added benefit of helping increase proper hooksets. How you ask? NuTech tested many conventional jigs and when compressed the center based weedguard causes these jigs to roll to their sides as they are compressed, reducing the ability for a deep hookset. With the NuTech Jigs the guide arms keep the lure in position so in theory hooksets should be straight and in the top of the fish's jaw.


Under pressure the mid and rear sections collapse around, not over, the hook so the jig will not roll over and instead drive the hook straight up for a more solid top jaw hookset


The rubber weedguards are a little stiffer than I expected but with a little pressure towards to mid and end sections of the strands they collapsed easy enough to reveal the hookpoint. It will be interesting to see just how good the hookup ratio is once we have had a chance to log enough hours in the field. One thing for sure, unlike other more traditional fiber weedguards that collapse directly on to the hook these fold down around it, which in theory should help with keeping that hookpoint free and clear when it matters most. Here is praying for a good jig bite this season!


In the water the silicon skirts flare nicely


The Blitz football heads are available in both skirted and unskirted versions. The skirted jig is available in 3/8 to 3/4oz. weights, as are the naked heads, and each comes armed with a 5/0 Mustad hook. The skirted Blitz jigs range from $4.54-$4.64 depending on weight, and the naked heads cost less at around $3.75 each.


Looking for something bigger?


NuJig 1oz. Bomb: Sometimes you just have to go big to get those quality bites, and NuTech has you covered with the 1oz. Bomber Jig which is proudly made right here in America. This massive jig basically is an upsized version of NuTech's cam concept and beefs it up with an even larger profile.


The 1oz. Bomb features that same cam head design and guide arms, just bigger


Designed to be fished in deep water this lure is designed to make contact with the bottom and stay out of trouble when being dragged or jigged way down. Nobody likes getting their jigs snagged, and getting a deep snag can often spell the end of your jig, an experience NuTech helps anglers avoid with the Bomb.


This jig is designed to go deep and stay out snags


The 1oz. Bomb is available in many familiar patterns including my go to favorites of PB&J and Black & Blue/Black. Each of these jigs come with a 5/0 Mustad hook and retail for a surprisingly reasonable price of only $4.69 each.


NuTech has also branched out into bladed jigs, which are designed to get in and out of thick cover as well as get you that solid hookset when it counts


Crazy Jig: While NuTech has a complete range of contact jigs they have also branched out into swim jigs as well. The Crazy Jig combines the company's signature head design with a vibrating blade and their rubber guide arm weedguards to create an easy to set swim jig that unlike many other bladed jigs is designed to deflect and roll off cover, and still stand upright when it comes to rest on structure. The Crazy Jig either comes with a 4/0 Owner or 5/0 Mustad hook depending on size and is available in 3/8, 1/2, and 1oz. varieties. The Crazy jigs retail for $5.99 each. For anglers really looking to mix it up on the bottom the company also offers a Crazy Blitz version which features their cam football head. This bait is designed to be literally stroked off the lake floor or pulled through cover, delivering vibration, deflection, and plenty of flash. All of the NuTech Jigs look interesting and are reasonably priced. We are in the process of testing these baits in the field now, and stay tuned for more reports on just how well these stay out of snag trouble, set, and catch fish in the process.   


You can find all of the NuTech jigs at Tackle Warehouse










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