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Megabass America Brings Valkyrie Worldwide and Triza Travel Rods Stateside

Date: 7/11/21
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Megabass
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: For the 2021 season Megabass America is drawing from their international arsenal and bringing a two high-end lines stateside including the Valkyrie World Expedition and Triza Series which are designed to provide on the go anglers with applications specific rods.


This Season Megabass America is making more travel rods available in the U.S. starting with the Valkyrie Worldwide Series


Over the last few years the international Megabass teams have been developing rods specifically for their respective markets. As an example the most recent Destroyer rods were designed by Megabass America to meet the preferences and applications of domestic anglers. On the other side of the world the Destroyer P5 Series was designed by the HQ team in Japan and feature shorter lengths and tapers that are popular in Asia, but with the demand for enthusiast JDM rods these rods were later introduced here in the Americas. The same is happening this season and as Megabass America is in the progress of refreshing their Destroyer line the company is looking to expand the availability of their lineup of multi-piece rods by officially introducing both Valkyrie World Expedition and Triza Series rods in the U.S. this Summer.




The Valkyrie World Expedition rods are designed to tackle big fish and comer armed with Fuji SiC guides for the task


Valkyrie World Expedition: The Valkyrie World Expedition rods are a lineup of 4-piece travel rods that are engineered with four layers of lightweight, high sensitivity carbon and high elasticity glass fiber.

Megabass has engineered these rods so that the glass distributes the load of heavyweight lures along the length of the rod, while the carbon material improved casting distance and control. Together these materials are designed to create a series that specializes in launching magnum-sized lures.


The rods come with a familiar Fuji reel seat that has been coated with a piano gloss finish and paired with high density EVA grips


Once a fish hits the bait the synergy of the two component materials helps manage hard pulling fish. The glass material dynamically absorbs and adapts to the violent attacks of big fish, while the carbon shaft provides the crisp and quick sets, helping improve conversions. Megabass describes this as "securing slim-chance hook ups" and helps anglers successfully land their target fish. The unique combination of these two materials deliver a multi-piece rod that has the power to deploy large baits and dominate large predators without sacrificing control and sensitivity. Available in nine models with select models rated in the 65lb and 110lb class, these rods are built to take the fight to trophy targets wherever they are. These rods are available now in limited quantities at select e-tailers and retailers like The Tackle Trap for $349-$379 each.

The unique looking reelseat on the Triza rods is made out of bird's eye peacock wood which gives the rods a custom feel. An added custom touch is the short trigger which is milled out of solid aluminum


Triza: Why are there so many multi-piece rods that come out of Japan? In Japan, and throughout Asia, space is a premium and it is hard to store and transport large single piece rods. Anglers in the region often have to travel long distances to fish, and do not have as easy access to sport fishing boats, all of which make multi-piece rods so popular.


Designed by Megabass Japan to offer uncompromising performance in a three-piece travel package


The Triza Series is a lineup of 10 three-piece travel rods that are designed to provide anglers with a no-sacrifice fishing experience. Not content with merely eliminating the dreaded flat “dead” spots that appear at the joints of conventional multipiece offerings under load, the Triza goes further: its three-piece design allows Megabass engineers to purpose-build each section according to the Triangle Concept of Tension, Torque, and Torsional Rigidity. By maximizing the potential of each blank section, the Triza rods are designed to fish just as good as a single piece rod, yet offer all the portability benefits of a three-piece travel stick.


A look at the spinning rod seat which is also made of the same peacock wood


For even more application range and user flexibility the Triza “Exclusive Tip” system offers two optional "Exclusive Tips" with different tapers to enable users to transform their rod for the adventure at hand. By exchanging the tip one rod model can support wide-ranging applications for a truly unique travel experience. These tips are available as additional accessories for $99.99 each.


A look at the 3 piece joint connector which forms the connection between each of the rod sections. The inner element is custom to each rod to deliver the desired transition, and action, for the specific application


All the Triza rods come with a unique bird's eye peacock stabilized wood reel seats and handwritten renderings that give the rods their custom look. The Triza line is quite popular in Japan and already a winner of the prestigious Japan Good Design Award and European iF Design Award, and while the rods have been available in limited quantities since 2019 this marks the first time that Megabass America is making them widely available in the Americas. These rods are available now in limited quantities at The Tackle Trap for $369.99 to $449.99 each.









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