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The New Megabass Destroyer JDM Rod Lineup is Coming to America (continued)


End Balancer: With the new Destroyer's construction leading to weight-saving improvements in blank construction the company uses counterweights to achieve the ideal balance for each application. Even the F6-69X, which is balanced for a tip-up posture for heavy-cover applications utilizes a mere 8g counterweight contained in the end balancer’s machined metal form. To reflect this achievement, the shining gold end cap emblem of previous generations has been updated to an understated "Bronze Meteo" finish on these rods.


A new end balancer system and "Bronze Meteo" emblem finish each rod


The new Destroyer JDM lineup will consist of twenty four new rods and the following are the official descriptions for these rods from Megabass Japan. Some of these names are instantly recognizable (e.g. SUPER DESTROYER), some are outrageously epic (e.g. TEQUILA OF BACCARAC), and all exhibit the level of madness that that is par for the course with these enthusiast class rods.


The following are images of all the new JDM Destroyer rods and the actual descriptions, and targeted applications, for each of the upcoming rods from Megabass:

SIGLETT (F0st-66X) A dedicated mushi, or “bug” pattern bait finesse rod, the F0st-66X SIGLETT excels in ultra-finesse topwater games. Improved solid-tip design imparts otherworldly sensitivity and feel, transmitting the exquisitely detailed minutiae of micro insect lures for precision control. Solid-tip characteristics allow for rolling casts of featherweight lures and micro-shake rod work. Under load, the blank transitions effortlessly to the mid-section to behave like a regular taper rod throughout the fight. Further, the delicate responsiveness of the solid tip captures even the lightest topwater bites, yielding instantly to allow plugs to travel deep into predator throats for sure hooking. Ideal for open water and light cover applications where spinning tackle hesitates.

POPX STICK (F1-63X) By focusing on the characteristics that allow the POP-X to realize its full potential, the F1-63X became a rare masterwork that unlocks untold potential across the small-plugging world. The POPX STICK draws on the uniquely crisp “spring-back” action of the 5-D GRAPHITE SYSTEM to overcome the soft sluggishness of conventional light action rods. Where past light-action rods bend deep into the blank with wobbly responsiveness and clumsy control, the POPX STICK brings virtually lossless transmission to small plugs, communicating the precise rhythm and energy of each “twitch” to impart irresistible action. Further, the improved blank integrity of POPX STICK reduces blank twist and instability throughout the cast, allowing more precise and powerful placement to conjure key bites.

CRIFFHANGER THRILLING (F2-60X) Re-imagining the CRIFF HANGER finesse masterpiece with 5-D GRAPHITE, Yuki Ito developed the ultimate utility bait finesse rod: F2-60X CRIFFHANGER THRILLING. Such a rod must strive for lightweight performance and test the limits of extreme engineering; display excellent precision castability to pierce gaps in cover; carry outsized load-bearing strength and lifting power; and above all, inspire technical angling to new heights. The F2-60X delivers on all fronts, displaying an astonishingly high power to weight ratio. The extraordinary level of featherweight performance far exceeds the RACING CONDITION of the past, expanding the bait finesse stage by leaps and bounds.

KASUMI SIX ELEVEN (F2.1/2-611X) The F2.1/2-611X KASUMI SIX ELEVEN is built for delicate approaches from raised angling vantages along bridges, canals, and steep-walled waterways, and long-distance running and gunning to cover key spots with speed and precision. Perfect for shad plugs, minnows, light crankbaits, small rubber jigs and bait finesse, the KASUMI SIX ELEVEN displays overwhelming attack power, long range utility, and versatility. When it is time for topwater approaches, the crisply responsive 5-D blank propels screaming casts, delivers pinpoint accuracy, and enables subtle angler control to impart irresistible action.

HIEN (F3-610X) Finally, the HIEN finds a new raison d’être, powered by the next-generation blank process of 5-D. The unique patterning and layering process of 5-D enables variable action taper to unfold with impossible smoothness, eliminating the subtly harsh feel of taper transitions under load. Thus, the HIEN concept reemerges as the new F3-610X BAIT FINESSE, showcasing its delicate fast action tip for precision control and strong mid-section for confident power. Dialed-in to bait finesse cover approaches, long-distance shad plugging, and light cranking, the next-generation HIEN has arrived.

Z-CRANK ELSEIL (F3.1/2-70X) The F3.1/2-70X Z-CRANK ELSEIL is an achievement in purpose-built cranking, arising from Yuki Ito’s dual-expertise as a lure and rod designer. Applying the insight gained most recently from the SUPER-Z, Ito set out to trim the fat from conventional cranking sticks, delivering a blank that gives with supple smoothness, yet exhibits quick recovery and the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class. This drives longer casts, confident control, and the ability to “pop” lures free of grass—all without sacrificing the effortless “give” required to capture cranking bites. The Z-CRANK ELSEIL excels with fast-moving lures such as the SUPER-Z, VIBRATION-X DYNA, SMATRA, S-CRANK 1.2 and VISION ONETEN Jr. The new lightweight, fast-moving special F3.1/2-70X demonstrates the kind of performance only possible when rods are developed by the same designers as the lures for which they are intended.

ONETEN STICK (F4-65X) The F4-65X ONETEN STICK is built specifically for Japanese-style jerkbaiting, leveraging revolutionary 5-D graphite construction to elevate the jerkbait platform to new heights. At 6’5”, the length has been perfectly calibrated for maximum jerk impact with minimal effort, requiring less angler input to hit slack line and set your jerkbaits to dancing. 5-D construction makes for a refreshingly responsive blank, snapping back to attention with a whip-quickness that makes dialing-in jerkbait cadence a pure joy. A set of larger-diameter guides are employed to add tip weight for ease of downward-jerking, in addition to reducing the effect of ice buildup in the winter months. Further, larger diameter rings provide a visual que—just watch for the line to reverberate and shake, and you know you have executed a proper slack-line jerk. To many professional anglers, there is only one jerkbait—the VISION ONETEN. It stands to reason there is only one ONETEN STICK for Japanese jerkbaiting.

CYCLONE (F4-66X) The F4-66X CYCLONE has endured from the first Destroyer® launch, a unique distinction that serves as a reference point for iterative refinement. Harnessing the 5-D Graphite System to further the concept of compact versatility and outsize performance, the new CYCLONE is the lightest, most responsively dynamic version yet. The featherweight 6’6” shaft and perfect balance makes the rod feel a foot shorter in hand, making for confidence-inspiring controllability. From small spinnerbaits to soft stickbaits and medium-sized plugs like the POPMAX and GIANT DOG-X, the CYCLONE continues to punch above its weight class, delivering inspired control and crisp feedback. For anglers seeking to tap into Megabass’ rich DNA, the CYCLONE is a new benchmark in Yuki Ito’s angling vision.

THE DARK SLEEPER (F4.1/2-71X) The F4.1/2-71X THE DARK SLEEPER is the key to the stubborn lock of dormant deep fish, enabling precision presentation of light Texas rigs, bottom-tracing swimbaits, bladed swim jigs and worms. The exquisite tension of the 7’ blank is tuned for that improbable balance of sensitive rod work and overwhelming lifting power, swiftly translating whip-quick hooksets into culls from the deep. 5-D GRAPHITE SYSTEM transfers load with studied ease, allowing THE DARK SLEEPER’s fast taper design to draw the fight into the blank’s powerful mid-section to dominate surging targets. Not limited solely to high-precision deep approaches, the F4.1/2-71X also demonstrates excellent light Texas and small jig pitching performance amongst light cover. 

BLADE (F5-68X) The F5-68X BLADE derives its name both from the blade bait category and its ability to cut weeds and reeds with sharp power. Imbued with the unique blank tension of the 5-D GRAPHITE SYSTEM, the BLADE’s medium-fast taper is ideally suited to spinnerbaits, bladed swim jigs, Texas rigs and jigs deployed where cover contact is inevitable. The BLADE is tuned to maximize direct lure feedback, transmitting the subtle vibrations necessary for intuitive adjustments on the water. A shaft that accurately conveys even slight changes in vibration is an active participant in elevating your game, enabling a particularly aggressive cover approach.

MAD BULL (F5-70X) The F5-70X MAD BULL comfortably corrals the hard-charging action of deep crankbaits, vibrations and medium-sized swimbaits, and subdues recklessly fighting fish with the surprising strength of its 5-D blank. Regular taper design, supercharged with the 5-D’s high-tension construction, provides a wellspring of readily available power, enabling confident angling even in mat cover pockets requiring subtle precision.

X-BITES (F5.1/2-72X) Named in honor of the storied “X-Bites” Japanese fishing program, the F5.1/2-72X rises to the challenge of extreme conditions and unspeakably tough bites. The extra-fast taper of THE X-BITES commands bottom contact rigs in the depths with supreme confidence, delivering pinpoint feedback to heighten angler awareness and lure presentation. In addition to staple ½ and ¾oz weights, THE X-BITES is able to handle lighter Texas rigs in deeper water, adding a subtly devastating option to fill out limits on tough days. The rod’s lightweight and balanced design, coupled with intense sensitivity, delivers the kind of performance that will conquer the toughest competitions.

KILLER CODE (F6-66X) Delivering monster torque, the F6-66X KILLER CODE is a close-quarters precision tool for larger baits like the i-WING 135 that often require longer, heavier rods. In the search for the ideal blend of tension, torque, and length, the “666” rod number code has emerged again, showcasing its unique ability to place and control heavyweight lures. The 6’6” length delivers truly outsize power, drawing upon the 5-D GRAPHITE SYSTEM to stop monsters in their tracks and deliver them to the surface. Compact blank and regular taper offer highly maneuverable presentation of swimbaits, big baits and frogs, bringing overwhelming performance to tight cast windows and pinpoint target areas.

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