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Rod Preview

A G.Loomis Rod Under 200 dollars? Meet the E6X Series (continued)


Balance is a key area of focus on the new E6X rods, and the use of composite cork strategically placed in the butt section and the end of the foregrip is intended to balance out the rods just right. On most of the E6X split grip rods anglers will find the entire rear grip, or a large percentage of it, is comprised of this composite cork, because it weighs more and helps compensate for the weight reduction of the exposed split grip design.


The guides are all Fuji Aluminum Oxide


The E6X rods come loaded with Fuji components including the popular ECS reel seat and Fuji Aluminum Oxide guides, which are designed for mainstream applications but are rated for use with braided superlines. The bright green threading is not used on the guide feet and the blank is unfinished for a more stealthy matte appearance. Under bright light there is a slight bit of green that can be seen on the blank, but under low or cloudy conditions the blank simply appears a very dark grey tone.


Scott Kinney, Senior Brand Manager at G.Loomis, puts the new taper to the test as a largemouth goes ballistic by the boat


On the water I found that the E6X rods casted very well, and felt crisper and more refined than the GL2 rods. The reduced weight helps increase not just the crisp feeling but also the overall sensitivity of the rod itself. Once I started catching fish I also noticed that the tapers were very different than not just the GL2 series but many other rods at this price point. This is primarily due to a new design that G.Loomis calls “Multi-Taper Technology.” On competing rods the blanks are often constructed with one straight tapered mandrel for multiple lengths and actions. Extra graphite is added to create the desired action but this material adds weight and can create weak points due to the varying wall thickness.


A diagram showing the difference between a standard rod design and G.Loomis's multi-taper blank technology


The E6X rods on the other hand uses a single mandrel with multiple tapers (3 to be exact) to create each length and action. This results in uniform wall thickness and minimizes weak points in the blank to provide improved strength to weight ratio. Scott Kinney, Senior brand Manager at G.Loomis, explained that this new technology allowed the team to create the most precise action and flex for each intended application, ultimately resulting in a blank that uses minimal material and weight to create a rod with the best action, high sensitivity, and proper balance.


Scott landed over 20 fish with the E6X rod at La Perla in a single afternoon, putting on a clinic when it came to fishing swim jigs


Conclusion: Much like we experienced when we first fished the NRX Series, the new E6X rods feel different, but in a very good way. After two days fishing these rods I got a good feel for just how the tapers behaved on the E6X rods, and they fish like a much more expensive rod when it comes to sensitivity and handling, which makes it all the more exciting that this is going to be the most affordable G.Loomis rod series available to date.


The E6X Series will introduce the G.Loomis brand to a new group of anglers, many of which have wanted to try a Loomis but stayed away until now due to price point


With prices ranging from $179 to $189 dollars these rods will introduce a whole new category of mainstream anglers to the G.Loomis brand. There are 30 rods in the lineup covering applications from jig and worm, flip/punch, crankbait, swimbait, and even classic mag bass actions, so there are plenty of options for anglers, and all at under the 200 dollar price point! G.Loomis purists can also breathe a sigh of relief knowing that every E6X rod is still going to be handcrafted in Woodland, Washington and will come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


My first impressions of the E6X rods are very positive, so much so that I feel they even eclipse the more expensive GL2 rods in many ways


So how did G.Loomis make a rod that I can already confidently say I enjoy fishing much more than the GL2 Series? It starts with the more efficient use of materials and while it may be counter intuitive with their Multi-Taper Technology the team at G.Loomis has found a way to design a rod with reduced material, improved strength, better balance, and improved sensitivity. G.Loomis has also invested in some innovations ranging from tools and processes within their factory to streamline and improve rod production. We look forward to see how these rods chart out on our RoD WRACK and how they perform in a complete field test, but from what I have seen and experienced firsthand in Texas this week, there is no doubt that these rods will be a hot commodity when they are officially introduced in a few weeks at the Bassmaster Classic.  


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