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Lure Preview

TackleTour Goes Fun-Fishing with TV Host Alan Fong and Gets an Introduction to the Al-e-baby (continued)

Components: The Al-e-baby comes standard with Owner hooks so there is no need to swap these out for something else. In fact, Alan tells us the baits are so finely tuned that if you do swap out the hooks, the weight distribution on the bait will be thrown off and will adversely affect the bait's action. The tail on the bait, for now, is double impact acrylic, but Alan has yet to finalize his decision on this material for the production baits. The screw eyes at the bottom of the bait are bearing supported to help minimize the possibility of your catch using the bait's weight against you as leverage to throw the hooks.


A close-up of the bait's double-impact acrylic tail ...


Three models to choose from: floating, slow sink, and fast sink.

Fun-Fishing with the Al-e-baby: On the water with Alan, he immediately handed me some of his production baits to try out. As I was rigging up, Alan jumped up front and began casting away - he wastes little time on the water, and sure enough, about ten minutes into our day, he swings on a fish and boats six pounder. Just like that. This might prove to be a good day!

We got a late start, but Alan wasted no time showing us how he fishes the Al-e-baby

Working our way down the bank, Alan stressed, "just crank it slow".

As we made our way down the bank, Alan explained to me his love for throwing big baits and how he's only been at it for three short years. His greatest frustration with the practice has been the availability of some of his favorite baits, so that's when he went to work building some for himself. As with many garage-born bait projects, his initial intent was to simply build enough for himself to use but as word spread amongst his friends and relatives of his secret project, the more these friends and relatives wanted Alan to make some for them as well. One thing led to another, and here we are on the cusp of availability.

This photo is for those who think only huge fish will eat a swimbait. Check out this little smallmouth Alan hooked mid-day.

Alan also realizes that if the baits do take off and the demand is there, he will have to readjust his production capability accordingly because he does not intend to dedicate his life to making these baits. He'd rather fish them so he's investigating larger scale production options just in case.

As if that 6lber wasn't enough, Alan also caught this 9lb hawg!

Another look at two of the biggest fish caught today, but all told, Alan had a 27lb five fish limit in about six hours of fishing (9lbs, 6lbs, 5lbs, 5lbs, & 2lbs).

Conclusion: We'll be fishing this bait over the course of the next few months and hope to bring you our full review on the Al-e-baby within the next year. For now, know that the Al-e-baby is set to debut on store shelves in mid-May 2008. It will be available primarily at Fisherman's Warehouse locations throughout Northern California but also online, direct from Alan Fong at his site. If demand grows, distribution may increase, but only time will tell. Does the Al-e-baby have what it takes to break into this hotly contested market? For Alan, gaining market share is not as important as sharing his love for his favorite past time with others and making fishing, especially swimbait fishing fun for everyone.










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