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Walk the dog underwater with the new Rapala X-Rap Subwalker 9
22 2007 8:15pm
Submitted: JIP

MINNETONKA, Minn. (July 13, 2007) — Unlike the latest fashion statement, walking the dog sub-surface style with the new X-Rap Subwalk 9 is here to stay. This walk-the-dog-style lure has no boundaries and will change the way you fish.

Introducing the new Rapala X-Rap Subwalker 9. Now you can walk the dog 3 to 6 inches below the surface

“The SubWalk 9 is similar in action to the famed Skitter Walk® with an added benefit. The SubWalk 9 allows anglers to apply the walk the dog technique three to six inches below the surface,” said Rick Murphy of the Rapala pro staff. “Now you’re able to bring the lure to the fish and walk the dog like never before.”

A nicely dressed rear hook for added action

Cast it out, let it sink and get ready to see the X-Rap attitude of this rebel of the water come to life. Begin twitching your rod tip and watch the X-Rap Subwalk 9 dive into sub-surface hunting mode but don’t relax, because you’re in for one exciting day on the water.
“The unique lateral tail fin design provides stability and a smooth gliding motion that makes this lure ideal for any species of fish,” said Murphy.

Nice patterns and details throughout the lure

Perfect for both fresh and saltwater fishing, the X-Rap Subwalk 9 runs on top to 24 inches below the water and features a slow-sinking pause for a never seen before walk the dog action. With 12 color patterns and a VMC® SureSet feather tail hook, you’ll have fish darting out of the woodwork to get a piece of the action.











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