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The Ludicrous PowerRay, a Fishing Drone that Uses Sonar and 4K Video to Catch Fish
It was just a matter time before the drones conquered the seas and this CES PowerVision, a robotics company and maker of consumer drones, introduced the PowerRay submersible at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. The company boldly states that the PowerRay underwater robot brings ďground-breaking features designed to revolutionize freshwater, saltwater, or ice fishing for todayís recreational fishing enthusiasts and casual hobbyists.Ē
Hydrowave - Fact or Fiction?
Last Fall, I spent some time on the water with BASS Elite Series Pro, Jeff Kriet. It had been a tough bite all week - as it usually is when you get a bunch of media members out on the water at the same time - and that morning was none too different. I noticed Kriet had a Hydrowave unit on his boat so I asked him to turn it on to which he replied, he was just about to do that.
Stains and Streaks be gone with Wave Away Sonar & GPS Screen Cleaner
Ever look at your GPS and fishfinder and all you see are a myriad of water spots on your the screen? Wave Away is a new cleaning product that is designed to wipe away stubborn stains from onboard electronics and optics.
An extra edge on the water with the FishHead App
Own an iPhone? Like to fish? Then youíre probably already inundated with tons of apps, but quality fishing apps are few and far between. FishHead is designed to be a easy to use on the water and planning tool for anglers interested in tracking weather, stream flows, tides and lunar information all accessible via iphone in the palm of your hand.
Side Imaging for the Masses? Humminbird's 797c2 SI
Since the debut of Humminbird's side imaging technology several years ago, recreational anglers have been patiently waiting for this eye opening technology to trickle down to more reasonable levels. Here's our look at Humminbird's 797c2 SI, winner of ICAST 2006's Best in Electronics.
Land a Virtual Lunker Anywhere with Rapala Trophies for the PSP
Few fishing tackle companies have a brand that is strong enough to inspire their own video game title, but Rapala has done exactly that. We play Rapala Trophies on the PSP to see just how entertaining it is to land a virtual lunker on the go.
Techniques and tips for taking a good picture of you and your big fish
Most anglers today have a digital camera and snapping away isnít a difficult task, but capturing a good photo does require some knowledge of photography, lighting, and simple controls on your camera. Here weíll go over some techniques and tips thatíll help anglers capture those great pictures of their catch



GPS units once a luxury, now becoming a necessity for anglers on the water
GPS combo units have forever changed fishing as we know it. This original technology was conceived in the 1970ís and was at first employed by the US military. Shortly after its conception the government realized that there were numerous civilian applications for this space age tracking system.
Preview: Cobra Electronics introduces an advanced and affordable marine GPS
Cobra Electronics has been a significant player in the navigation and communication market for years, and has recently introduced two new marine GPS portable navigation units armed with the latest technologies. Letís take a closer look at the new MC 600 portable GPS units by Cobra.
The new Olympus Stylus 600 Digital camera thatís feature-rich and All-Weather
These new-age technological devices make taking and sharing pictures almost an afterthought and are a particular joy. This month Olympus released an All-Weather 6-megapixels digital camera in their popular Stylus line that fisherman can take with them to capture their moments on the water.
Preview: Pentax announces 6 Megapixel Waterproof Camera, the OptioWPi
Fisherman love cameras, how else can we prove that we really did catch that lunker? Pentax has just announced their new OptioWPi an amphibious yet fully featured digital camera that may be just what anglers have been waiting for.
Handy marine communication with the rugged Cobra MR HH400 XVP VHF radio
On the water communications ability is key to a safe boating experience especially on those adventures taken out to sea. Cobra Electronics make various VHF handheld radios and we take a look at the MR HH400 XVP that is filled with useful features many of which are key for clear communication.
Time's ticking and the Timex Expedition 40091 just barely makes the cut
The brand name "Timex" may not come up all that often when anglers talk shop, but in our search to find a superior outdoor wristwatch we decided it was time to enlist the Timex Expedition (40091) for our next backcountry fishing outing.
It just keeps going and going...XPS Onboard charger makes trolling life easier
Anglers depend on batteries to start the main engine, and deliver reliable trolling power to perfectly position the boat, and onboard battery chargers like the Bass Pro XPS are intended to reduce the headaches of charging and maintaining multiple cores.
The Garmin 178C provides accurate navigation and a detailed fishfinder all in one
Last season Garmin announced a brand new color combination unit that consists of a GPS and fishfinder. Now the much anticipated Garmin 178C units are currently shipping and we got our hands on one to give you the scoop on this exciting contemporary gadget.
REI's Quest watch makes time visible in the dark
REI is a one stop source for many outdoorsman, and while they no longer sell fishing tackle they do retail a lot of the gear necessary to reach those backcountry fishing holes. It is always easy to lose track of time when wetting your line, and the REI Quest watch is designed to help anglers stay up to date in a wide range of conditions.
Chock full of features in a handheld GPS package, the Garmin eTrex Vista
 Built for the outdoor enthusiast on the go the Garmin Vista represents the top of the line in the company's popular eTrex series of portable GPS units.
Reliable and affordable, the redesigned Hogwild Snap Watch II
So often when you are fishing it is easy to lose track of time. The new revamped Hogwild Snap Watch is a "go anywhere" tubular watch that is designed to be reliable and durable, but affordable enough so that if lost it won't break the bank.
Bottom Line's Fishin' Buddy might just be your new best friend
With winter weather in full effect spooning is once again becoming a popular method in which to land deep residing bass, but how do you find them? Bottom Line offers an affordable fish finder packed with features to help anglers locate fish at depths up to 240ft!
How much did that fish weigh? Prove it...
How many times have you landed a fish and just wasn't sure exactly what it weighed? Berkley introduces a portable digital fish scale so you can assign a weight to your next fish story!










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