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TackleTour Tournament Interview

TackleTour Tournament Interview : Greg Gutierrez aka Double G (continued)


Day Two: Now that the pros know where the fish are, day two is going to be about working through those concentrated schools of fish on their way to a big limit. That's right, it's time to get a little wacky as we allow the pros to punch, drag, dissect, create and fish from top to bottom with craws, lizards, frogs, toads, spider jigs, swimbaits and any variety of other creatures on their way to a hefty limit because day two is all about the fever - Creature Fever. How do the pros approach fishing soft plastics?


Double G's Creature Fever begins and ends with Reaction Innovation's Beaver.


Double G: I tell you what, if we're talking soft plastics, for me it's the Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver. I've tried a lot of other baits even a lot other Beaver style baits but I always come back to the original. There's something about that bait whether it's the vibration it puts off, it's profile, it just is what it is. It catches giant fish, it catches mediocre fish, it just catches fish. If I think the fish want more flash, I'll split the tail but for the most part it's the Beaver intact.


I fish it with a tungsten weight, fifteen to twenty pound fluorocarbon, and I'll pick apart every rockpile, every bush, every tree, every you name it. If I can get that bait in there, that's what I'll throw.


Depending on the structure I'm fishing, if I'm fishing structure, I'm using the IRA754C AIR. It's heavy powered, but it has a nice soft tip. But if I'm fishing open water and light cover, I'm using the 704 or 703 in either the Genesis II or Air series.


Greg Gutierrez casting with the IRA754C Air.


Day Three: They've found the fish, and have picked through the schools to fill their limits. The water has been pounded and the fish are feeling pressured. What in the world are the pros going to do on Day Three of our tourney? It's time to turn the "F" word. Downsizing baits and line, switching to light powered rods, slowing down that presentation, you know what all of that means. It's time to declare, "What the Finesse?!?!" Day three of our tourney is all about finesse.

Double G showing Zander his rigging tricks for the Beaver.

Double G: Finesse has taken so many turns now. I've always been a big dart head guy. But you can't throw the dart head in a lot of parts of the country. Back east they fish the shakey head. I've sort of adopted this style of fishing from my time fishing the Elite Series. I use a three sixteenth or quarter ounce head with the Reaction Innovations Flirt - mostly in greens and browns.


For shakey heads, I'm using the IRG712S, "Fred's Power Finesse Rod". This rod has a really nice, soft tip with a really good backbone. It has really good sensitivity so I can feel the fish eat it before they can feel me. I use 15 pound braid on my spinning reel with a long, twenty foot, fluorocarbon leader in anywhere from six to ten pound. I tie my leader on with a simple blood knot. It's a simple knot that works really well for me.


For shakey heads, Double G is using an iRod IRG712S.

Day Four: It's the last day of the tourney and we're culling our field of pros to the top ten anglers. The lucky ones get to continue our wacky tourney and if they're not ready to protest our format yet, they just might after they learn what we're limiting them to now on day four. The number one question we continue to receive here on TackleTour is if you could just have one... You know the rest. Yes, that's right, we're enlisting the pros in our Search For One campaign and limiting them on the last day of the tourney to one rod, and one reel. What will their combo be? Let's find out.


Greg Gutierrez's search ends with a 6.4:1 reel paired with an iRod IRA703C Air.

Double G: One rod, one reel - Oh man! And I can do anything I want with that one rod and one reel? I would probably have an IRA703C AIR, medium heavy, with probably ten or twelve pound test fluorocarbon and a 6.4:1 reel. From there, I could do anything I want with it. I could throw a crankbait on it. I could throw a jig on it. I could throw a light swimbait on it. I could tie on an eight or six pound leader and fish a shakey head. I could do anything on any lake and anywhere with that combo. It might not be the optimum, but I could do it.

TackleTour would like to thank Greg Gutierrez for giving us a little insight into his tackle selections in what would be a very different, tackle-centric tournament.










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