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TackleTour Tournament Interview

TackleTour Tournament Interview : Chris Zaldain (continued)


Day Three: They've found the fish, and have picked through the schools to fill their limits. The water has been pounded and the fish are feeling pressured. What in the world are the pros going to do on Day Three of our tourney? It's time to turn the "F" word. Downsizing baits and line, switching to light powered rods, slowing down that presentation, you know what all of that means. It's time to declare, "What the Finesse?!?!" Day three of our tourney is all about finesse.

But when it comes time for finesse, there's one stick Zaldain really loves and that's the F3-611XXS Drop Shot.

C.Zaldain: When it's time to truly go finesse, I rely upon the Orochi Double X F3-611XXS Drop Shot Rod matched again with a 2500 Shimano Stradic Ci4+ spinning reel. But on this setup, I'm going with straight six pound Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon. When I'm fishing finesse, I want a consistent reel to line to hook connection. I'm rigging this with an eighth ounce drop shot weight, a size one splitshot/drop shot hook, and I'm nose hooking a Strike King Dream Shot worm.


I love the Double X Drop Shot rod for that tapered foregrip. It allows me to comfortably hold the rod with my index finger extended to touch the blank. Together with my Tatsu Fluorocarbon line, the entire setup gives me so much feel and sensitivity, I cannot say enough about that combo.


One of the reasons he loves this stick is that tapered foregrip that allows him to hold the rod with a natural grip while extending his forefinger to touch the blank.

Day Four: It's the last day of the tourney and we're culling our field of pros to the top ten anglers. The lucky ones get to continue our wacky tourney and if they're not ready to protest our format yet, they just might after they learn what we're limiting them to now on day four. The number one question we continue to receive here on TackleTour is if you could just have one... You know the rest. Yes, that's right, we're enlisting the pros in our Search For One campaign and limiting them on the last day of the tourney to one rod, and one reel. What will their combo be? Let's find out.

The F3-611XXS matched with a Shimano Stradic Ci4+ reel is Zaldain's go to finesse setup.

C.Zaldain: Well regardless of what others are searching for on the last day, if I make the cut, I'm going for a home run swing. You can take an angler out of Cali, but I can't get Cali swimbaiting out of my blood. On my last day of your tourney, my one choice would be the Megabass Black Jungle F6.5-74XBJ Power Versatile matched with a Curado 301 reel spooled with twenty five pound Seaguar Invisix Fluorocarbon. I can describe this entire combo in one word - balanced. Whether I'm fishing it tip up or tip down, cranking, flipping, pitching - this combo just floats in my hand because it's so balanced.

The Black Jungle Power Versatile has a nice, moderate power curve so I can throw everything from a one ounce jig, two ounce swimbait, square bill, soft plastics, heavy spinnerbaits, to just about anything on this rod., But on that final day of the tourney, again, I'm going for the home run swing and I'm fishing a Roman Made Negotiator with this combo. That's a sick bait and tied to the end of my Power Versatile, man I just want to throw one right now!

TackleTour would like to thank Chris Zaldain for giving us a little insight into his tackle selections in what would be a very different, tackle-centric tournament.









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