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Shooting For The World’s Most Efficient 4-stroke Combo In Professional Bass Fishing : Interview with B.A.S.S. Tour Pro Grant Goldbeck and Yamaha’s Prostaff Manager, David Ittner (continued)

Team TackleTour: “What was the cause for this venture into the world’s most fuel-efficient 4-stroke bass boat project verses maybe DFI technology?”

Grant Goldbeck: “It kept coming up…questions about how to make our boats more efficient seem to breech our conversations often. The 4-stroke movement continues to grow rapidly. In fact, Yamaha is juggling the demand.  A good headache… I guess.”

Grant Goldbeck: “There are many benefits to four-stroke technology. We wanted to know if we could extend them. Most manufacturers have to build a bigger, heavier boat, which starts robbing your pocket book…more material costs, increased weight, increased fuel consumption, and even safety…due to weight, balance and speed comes in to question. There is a clear give and take between this type of technology but Yamaha and Allison appear to have done it right. It’s awesome to see companies use such collaboration on a project.”

David Ittner of Yamaha talks about using a 4 stroke to improve rough water ride while lowering fuel and oil costs over the course of a season

David Ittner of Yamaha:  “These days, tournament anglers are wiser going into the game. They are asking those important questions which extend beyond the fishing deck. Questions like ‘Can I improve my rough water ride, lower my fuel and oil costs over the course of a tournament season and do this with the reliability of a 4-stroke’

Grant Goldbeck: “I think people are going to be blown away when they see they can run rough chop for 100 miles without beating their kidneys and gain 20% to double the fuel savings, while have a 4-stroke motor that is powerful and has amazing mid-range numbers already witnessed.  I mean seriously if you could save 25% of your annual boat fuel costs… but what if you could save half?  I probably spend 10k in just boat fuel per year in pre-fishing, Elite tournaments, Opens, and some cherry picked events.  So in essence my incentive payback can be like a pay raise of $200.00-$500.00 a month.”

Plenty of technology courtesy of the Yamaha 225 V MAX SHO

Team TackleTour: “So literally you decided to inquire with Allison boats about the possibility of running one of their hulls in the Elite Bassmaster Tour?”

Grant Goldbeck: “Actually yes, I personally knew very little about Allison. What impressed me was the materials and strength incorporated in these hulls. It exceeds what we know as average anglers and what goes into standard boat building. For example, in over 30 years, Allison has NOT had a single transom blowout or delamination. Amazing. There’s not a single bass boat company on tour that can make that claim. I was equally excited about Yamaha.  Everyone knows day in and day out Yamaha has been a more reliable engine… I think it's a great match. This combo is the most stable ride I have ever been in. In fact, it has been the safest and fastest boat on the pro-tour.”

I would call that a pretty decent amount of rear storage

Team TackleTour: “How did Mr. Allison respond?”

Grant Goldbeck: “Darris Allison had a pause and was very clear he wasn’t interested if it had to do solely with speed or horse-power. He is a quiet man, but when he says something it’s gold and everyone listens [laughing].  As he put it ‘speed is a by-product of efficiency ‘.  If it was going to be about fuel savings, hole shot, mid range sprints, rough water handling, close course turning Darris was in.”

Grant Goldbeck: “As you know may know his hulls hold literally thousands of race wins, and championships with many world records. Unlike some brief success story, Allison factory has a very secret R&D platform, they simply don’t discuss. Their resources go back into R&D. They have dominated well over a half a century. What I didn’t know was the fact they have had a hull called the XB21. Designed for what we needed. A big bass boat, 21 feet long and 93 inch wide, with a 9- foot deck.”

Looks like a normal electronics flush mount?

Another innovation from Allison the E-Ped (Electronic Pedestal) that elevates the fish finder to a convenient and more visible height above the casting deck

Team TackleTour: “David do you have the performance numbers from the Allison/ Yamaha project?”

David Ittner of Yamaha:  “We’re still gathering those numbers and will release that data in the near future. We think Yamaha owners are going to be impressed with the results, and the potential for bass anglers to run less horsepower on the back of these hulls and get mind blowing fuel efficiency and performance is exciting. Grant’s Yamaha 225 V MAX SHO® is proof of just that on the Elite Tour, saving money on the purchase, on fuel and having excellent performance on all levels.”

Thanks to Grant, David and the team for providing details into the Allison/Yamaha Project

Team TackleTour: “This project does sound exciting! This creates new frontiers for tournament anglers. This could also pay into a cost of ownership reduction. Is there anything you would like to add?”

David Ittner of Yamaha:  “This technology hasn’t simply changed the game, it has owned it. The outstanding performance and tournament reliability is unbelievable. The tournament pro is the real winner. They are getting a real dose of unheard of performance standard, with every Yamaha. It’s also why Grant and many other pros trust their game to Yamaha. We are genuinely excited for the future.”

Grant Goldbeck: “Yeah, what he said!  All kidding aside, it is apparent, how much thought and engineering has gone into these motors. I am really pleased with the reliability of my 225 SHO® and, blown away with the efficient rough water ride of the Allison.  I hear other professional anglers are really watching this project play out.  I know there are going to be more and more anglers looking at the SHO® and BasSport Pro.

To find out more about Allison Boats visit the company's website.









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