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Reel Maintenance & Rebuild

Shimano Curado Rebuild - Carbontex Drag Upgrade

Tackle type: Reel Maintenance
Manufacturer: Shimano
Model: Curado CU-200
Author: Alan Tani


TT Description: Welcome Alan Tani to the TT gear crew! Alan's expertise is reel maintenance and upgrades, and in this tutorial he takes apart one of the most popular bass reel in history, the Bantam Curado 200, and upgrades the drags with Carbontex carbon fiber washers.

Alan: I don't fish bass, but since the original post, I've been amazed at the number of bass guys that use this reel. It's fairly straight forward to work on. Just a few little tricks to get it apart.


And here's the reel.



To remove the left side plate, flip up the turnkey dial (key #1510) and turn it counter clockwise until you can pull the entire left side plate assembly (key #1509) off.



Set the left side plate and spool aside.



Let's pull the handle and star, including the handle nut plate screw (key #795, the handle nut plate (key #1993), the handle nut (key #797), the handle (key #1994), and the star drag (key #1486).




Now remove the star drag spring (key #1106), the star drag nut (key #1365), the star drag spacer (key #1289), and the two drag spring washers (key #15).



Remove the right side plate screws. Note that three are short (key #786) and one in the 6 o'clock position is long (key #1998).



Remove the left side plate screw/multi-purpose screw (key #987).



Pull the thumb rest (key #2044) straight forward. This is the tricky part.



The right side plate assembly (key #1997) will now lift straight up.



You now have full access to the right side plate.



Here's a neat little trick. The main drive gear (key #1213) is often stuck! Put the handle back on, grab the main gear and twist the handle back and forth at the same time your lift the main gear off.



I've lined up the drag washer A (key# 1214), the drive gear (key #1213), drag washer C (key #1212), the key washer (key #1211), and the roller clutch inner tube (key #1206).



The Carbontex washer that you need is the Calcutta 200 drag set. It fits a bunch of different reels!



Throw a thick coat of drag grease on both Carbontex washers....




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