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ICAST 2015

13 Fishing Trick Shop is Open for Customization
Shimano Unviels New Citica I reels
Abu Garcia Raises the Speed Bar with their Rocket!

First look inside the new Curado I baitcaster


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Cranking It Up with Phenix's X13 Composite Cranker

Livingston’s Crank is a Real “Howeller”

Shake, Rattle, and Shimmy with Lucky Craft's RTO-Crank Get Her Covered - A Premium Windshield Cover for Your Truck or SUV
Okuma Aims high with the Helios Air Baitcaster Daiwa's Travel Series : The Ardito 763 The Ultimate Conquest - by Shimano Japan Cranking It Up with Dobyns Rods's 806CB!

Additional Recent Articles

Creating a RUCKUS With Fresh New Designs, River2Sea
From jigs, to punch weights, to glide baits, to drop shot weights, River2Sea products are a staple in our utility boxes when out on the water testing tackle. Today we get to write about one of their products. Introducing a relatively new lipless crank, the River2Sea Ruckus!
Dobyns Rods Cranks It Up with a Search For One Candidate!
It's been five short years since we've taken a look at a Dobyns Rods cranking stick. Five long years, since Zander made away with my 704CB Glass. So when I recently heard about a new stick in this sub-lineup within the Champion series, a 7'6" medium heavy powered graphite cranking rod, I was intrigued.
New Tackle Warehouse Exclusives from Daiwa!
The new Steez XT and Tatula XT rod lineups introduced at ICAST 2015. But As if that wasn't enough, the manufacturer has been working closely with e-tail giant, TackleWarehouse, to bring an entirely different budget friendly lineup to be sold exclusively at their store.
Saving the Best for Last? 13 Fishing's Rods Redefine Performance and Value
It has been a little over a month since ICAST 2015 and while it would have been impossible to cover everything that the show had to offer we crammed as much as we could into the last four weeks. It's finally time to get back to our review schedule but before we do that we had to write about 13 Fishing one more time, and cover the company's new rod offerings.
Halco's New Fast Moving Baits for Big Fish
Halco continues to be a leading provider of lures for top of the food chain species. The Australian lure company had a busy year, moving into a larger custom built new head office and warehousing facility, their third move in 64 years. One of the big benefits of the move to the new facility is that it is located only 100 meters away from the saltwater.
Pike and Beyond with Scandinavian Lures from Westin
The first ever Westin lure was created by the late Ingvar Westin, a skilled toolmaker who wanted to create a "toy" for his children back in 1952. He carved a fish which wriggled and rolled, and since it looked like an oversized pike lure he called it "Jatte" which is the Swedish word for "giant." It wasn't long before this toy caught the attention of local Pike anglers...
Cutting-Edge Rods and Reels from Hardy
When strolling the aisles of the IFTD show, there are a lot of “must visit” booths. Hardy is one of those. With a long history in the fly fishing marketplace, the legendary brand is always improving and innovating. We met up with the good folks at Hardy to see what's on the horizon!

Redington Keeps You Dry and Comfy
Redington may best be known for their affordable fly rods and reels, but they also make some great waders and apparel for men, women, and children. We've long been fans of their gear, and this year they brought out some new items to keep things interesting. Let's dive in and see what Redington had on hand at this year's IFTD show!

Ardent Introduces Blue Marlin Saltwater Spinning Reels to the Americas
Unless you are a die hard saltwater angler chances are that you haven't heard of Blue Marlin, but now Ardent is helping change that. The brand has roots going all the way back to 1955 but now the brand is looking to enter the global stage with a new flagship spinning reel...

Weego Offers Portable Power for Anglers on the Go!
Just about every boat owner has dealt with it at one time or another, dead batteries and a truck or boat that just doesn't have enough juice to crank the engine. A young company called Weego offers a simple solution for today's outdoor enthusiasts, portable power, in the form of compact jump starters and battery packs.
Two New Rod Series' From Aleka Sports
At this year's IFTD show we had the pleasure of meeting the guys at Aleka Sports. We had previously seen snippets of the brand here and there, but never had the opportunity to handle any of their gear. Aleka was on hand at the show to not just show off current product offerings, but to showcase two brand new families of wallet-friendly rods.
Halo Fishing Refines Their Rods with Series II Offerings
Halo Fishing is a rod company that focuses on delivering quality rods at very reasonable prices for anglers. Their rods do not shy away from the spotlight and feature striking colors that scream fun. This ICAST the team at Halo introduced three new Series II rod lines starting with a redesign of their popular Twilite rods.
Cortland Guides the Way to Fly Fishing Success With Technical New Lines
As one of the “big” flyline companies, Cortland is constantly tinkering and listening to user feedback to stay on the cutting edge of fly line design. This year, Cortland showed us what they've come up with since we visited them at the last IFTD show!
Livingston Lures Brings the Tech With Their Connected Lures
When it comes to infusing technology into lures one company stands apart, Livingston, which offers "smart baits" that are able to emit natural sounds to call fish in and trigger instinctual strikes. This ICAST the company took this technology to the next level with new lure designs and the world's first app controlled smart bait.


Are You Ready For New Rods From Redington?
Fly-fishing can be a frighteningly expensive sport, but thankfully there are some companies out there that make it accessible for people without stratospheric budgets. Redington is just such a brand. Featuring a mix of very affordable to modestly-priced offerings, Redington is well-known within fly-fishing for bringing great quality at great prices.

New Premium Fly Rods From Thomas & Thomas
Thomas & Thomas, or as people affectionately call “T&T”, is well-known for producing some of the finest-crafted rods around. Having never met up with the folks at T&T, we were anxious to meet them and see what they had in store for IFTD 2015. Let's take a peek at their latest offerings!
Time to get Savage with the Award Winning Hard Shrimp
Savage Gear brought their A-Game to ICAST once again and introduced a plethora of new baits. There were high expectations after last year's win in the soft bait category with the 3D Crab and they met that challenge head on with a back to back to win!
Cheeky Unveils New Fly Reels and.......Spinning Reels?!
If someone is using a Cheeky reel you'll likely recognize it instantly. Most of their reels exhibit bright, bold color schemes that are easy to identify from a mile away. At the IFTD show this year, they brought out not only fresh fly reels, but a couple of colorful new products from outside the realm of fly fishing as well!
New Fly Rods and Reels From Douglas Outdoors
Last year we visited the folks at Douglas to take a peek at what this new company had to offer on both the conventional and fly-fishing side of things. Although still a very fresh brand within the industry, Douglas is rolling out quite an array of new products—especially considering the company's young age. Here's a tour through the fly-fishing lineup of what's coming from Douglas.
Simms Introduces New ProDry Foul Weather Gear and Covers Anglers from Hood to Toe
When it comes to angling apparel Simms still sets the benchmark in terms of high performance gear, and this ICAST the company is seeking to raise the bar once again with a complete redesign of their popular ProDry foul weather jacket and bib, and a complete range of new gear designed for the discriminating fisherman, or woman.
Impact Your Fly Fishing Success With New Rods and Reels From TFO
Currently, Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO) offers over 20 different categories of fly rods for everything from tiny brook trout to brawling marlin. What's a company to do when they already offer a mind-blowing array of rods? Release more new stuff, of course! This year, TFO has once again shaken up both their rod and reel product lines. Let's take a look!
New Fly Reels From 3-Tand!
Unfortunately, we missed out on visiting the guys at 3-Tand at the 2014 IFTD show. This new company took home the award for “Best Fly Fishing Reel” at that event, and we wondered what they had up their sleeves for this year. While walking the aisles we made sure to swing by and have a look for ourselves!
Majorcraft Unveils Some Majorly Exciting New Rods!
Although our recent review of their WJ731M model was a good one, some people have expressed disappointment that Majorcraft's much-sought-after JDM offerings aren't readily available here in the states. Much to the delight of us and probably a lot of our readers, the wait finally appears to be coming to an end for at least one of these series' of rods!
Nichols Goes Big With Ben Parker Spoons and a Rod Designed to Handle these Magnum Baits
Nichols Lures has been supplying quality lures since 1989 and offers a wide range of hardbaits and terminal tackle products. This ICAST the company branched out into new territory by introducing application specific rods designed to offer something unique for bass anglers.
Spooltek Gets More Bass Friendly With a Smaller Size
Spooltek was one of the more interesting companies we visited at last year's ICAST show. Their unique swimbaits, with hooks that break free from the bait when a fish strikes, showed a lot of promise for cross species application. This year, they demonstrate some of that versatility with new size introductions that are sure to get bass fishermen excited.


R.L. Winston Rod Company Shows Us Their Latest Boron Creations
Long-respected rod manufacturer R.L. Winston sets themselves apart by incorporating boron into many of their rods. Claiming that this material gives them an advantage when it comes to things like strength and weight, this year's IFTD show saw the folks at Winston roll out several new boron-infused made-in-the-USA rods. 
Hot Cranks and Rats, Spro has you Covered!
SPRO continues their tradition of introducing quality baits that are designed with heavy input from their prostaff. The new RKstar crankbait and BBZ-1 Rats only increase the versatility of what you can do with SPRO hardbaits whether your cranking, backtrolling, or targeting lunkers on the surface. 
Batson, a Rod Builders one Stop Shop
There are few component companies that have grown as fast as Batson has in the last few seasons and there is a good reason, the company helps address challenges that rod builders face. Each season Batson continues to innovate and introduce new products and services that are much more than just a new reel seat or guide, but rather a complete solution for rod builders.
Diamondback is BACK
We were both surprised and delighted to see Diamondback Rod Company in attendance at this year's IFTD show. After seeing and hearing about the company on a fairly consistent basis years ago, they since vanished from our radar. But now, things have changed. After being part of Cortland they are back on their own and had a strong lineup of both fly and conventional rods racked up at the booth—including one fly rod series that really caught the eyes of many people!
New from Ima, AA Worms, Zappu, Kahara, Reins, & Deps!
Those privy to the bass fishing world are familiar with the fact many of the more exotic baits from Japan and other countries make their way here to the shores and stores of North America via a distributorship of some sort. What some may not know or realize is that the owners of Optimum Bait company are one such umbrella corporation...
More Precision Excellence From Abel Reels
In the world of fly reels, no other manufacturer has as many customization options as Abel Reels. Sure, other companies offer some jazzy color schemes and tidbits, but Abel takes it to a whole other level. Not only do they offer a huge variety of choices to the consumer, but they are constantly refreshing and updating colors and designs every year.
From Argentina to Orlando: Correntoso Reels
Argentina-based Correntoso Reels may not be a household name in America quite yet, but  these reels certainly have a look all their own. We first met with these guys at last year's IFTD show and were impressed by the unique appearances and designs of their reels. This year they made the long trip to Orlando once again, this time to show off a new fully-featured prototype reel.
New Fly Lines From Airflo
Airflo has been in the fly line game for quite some time, and every year their forward-thinking leads to improvements and new innovations in line performance and design. Was the 2015 IFTD show any different? Of course not! Like always, this year's show saw the Airflo team showcase a variety of new items including lines, leaders, and tippets.
Diversity with Rapala Brand Companies
Rapala is the overarching brand for Normark Corporation consisting not only of the Rapala brand, but eleven other name brands as well including VMC, Sufix, Storm, Luhr Jensen, Terminator, Trigger, Blue Fox and more. As you can imagine, with so many brands under one umbrella, there are a ton of new introductions to wade through. We zero in on a couple of key ones we found interesting.
A New Reel From Nautilus Guaranteed to X-cite!
As one of the most respected reel manufacturers around, Miami-based Nautilus reels has gained a solid reputation by making not only beautiful reels, but some of the highest-performing anywhere. Although their lineup is already a solid one, this year at the IFTD show they launched a brand-new family of reels that blends light weight, durability, and performance at a modest price point.
A New “Favorite” Rod Possibly Coming to the US Market?
Every ICAST there is that one company that one rod company that manages to really surprise us with their offerings, leaving us with hope that they will successfully introduce their products into the domestic market. This year that brand called “Favorite” which we have heard about, but never seen their products firsthand before.
Seaspin Thinks Communication is the Key
We were introduced to Seaspin at ICAST 2014 where we saw some unique takes on rigging baits. This year we took at look at some new, more conventional offerings for the bass fishermen and then an interesting communications tool.

Megabass Introduces Exciting New Baits
As most who follow the brand already know, Megabass is not just about fishing rods and while the introduction of their "affordably" priced $199 Levante series of rods was exciting, there's a whole-nother side to the brand we've yet to discuss - baits! Megabass, and actually, more accurately, Megabass of America has a crop of new baits they shared with us at ICAST 2015.

Two New and Very Different Reels From Redington
With all the varied choices available to today's fly angler, it is difficult to design a product that truly sets itself apart in form and function. At the 2015 IFTD show, Redington succeeded in breaking away from the pack by introducing two intriguing new reels.











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