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St. Croix Delivers Value in our Search for One with the BXC71MHF
Manufacturing rods entirely within the States generally translates to higher costs for consumers so in order to offer more competitively priced rods, St. Croix opened their own factory in Mexico. This is where their Mojo rods are built and just recently, the company introduced another set of rods priced even more competitively than Mojo...

Better Late Than Never : Lucky Craft's Pointer Minnow
As popular and effective a jerk/rip bait as the Vision OneTen is, one bait suspends shoulder to shoulder with that bait on the rod tips of the TackleTour Editorial Staff. That bait is Lucky Craft's Pointer Minnow. This is the first jerkbait I had ever seen Zander tie on, toss out, and rip back. In fact, he had never handled a Vision OneTen until I gave him one back in 2005...

TackleTour Autopsy: Consistency is King, the Megabass I-Jack
One bait that is somewhat of a sleeper lure, in that it is deadly effective but not as well-known as other Megabass offerings such as the Vision 110 jerkbait or Dog-X walker is the I-Jack, a specially tuned underwater wakebait.
Creature Fever : Strike King's Rage Twin Tail Menace Grub
With today's seemingly unlimited choices in specialized plastic baits, one old staple seems to have fallen by the wayside. How many of you still fish the old staple single or double tail grubs? Maybe they've fallen out of popular discussion because there's really not much to them. Well, Strike King introduced a new interpretation a little while back and we're here to take a closer look.
Evergreen International Continues to Impress with the Affordable RCSS-71MH
The RCSS-71MH is a seven foot, one inch spinning rod built with the same look as the previously reviewed RCSC-73HG, but this time without the hybrid glass blank. Instead, this stick is built from an unspecified graphite but with the same Fuji Alconite guides with stainless steel frames, the camo, EVA foam grip and a custom reel seat by Fuji.
Spro's New Dean Rojas Bronzeye Spit Shad
Back in 2013, we reviewed a new bait from Spro representing yet another variation on the popular hollow bodied frog. It was their Bronzeye Shad 65 - a bait that's super easy to walk. Today, we take a look at a variation in that same bait with the incorporation of a cupped mouth. Introducing our look at the Spro, Dean Rojas Bronzeye Spit Shad 60.
OSPs Transformational Yamato Walking Bait
OSP is a manufacturer that has skirted the line of popular mainstream baits, but those who pay attention know about their quality, and sometimes hard to get baits like the Blitz, Rudra, and Asura. Today, we take a look at OSP's entry into our TWB themed week with the dual personality Yamato.
A Finesse Walker : ima's Skimmer
When we think of topwater walking baits, the prototype that comes to mind is Heddon's Zara Spook, a four and a half inch (4.5") bait shaped like a cigar. Bait manufacturing company, ima's interpretation of this genre is much more slender and in many respects the Skimmer is literally a stick bait.
Return of the Vixen by Reaction Innovations
For years, Reaction Innovation's Vixen topwater walking bait was coveted for its easy walking, far casting, fish catching ability. But several years ago, for some unexplained reason, it disappeared from store shelves and was out of production. Then, a couple years ago, like Merle Dixon, the Vixen resurrected.
The Walking Baits: Selecting the Right Rod, Reel, and Line for Your Walker Arsenal
While having the right bait is certainly a key part of the battle selecting the right reel, rod and line can also make it easier to impart that zig-zag action that is essential to draw those explosive strikes.
The Walking Baits: Top 5 Walk-The-Dog Picks
There are a lot of topwater hardbait options, poppers, chuggers, propbaits, twitch baits, wakebaits, and walkers. Even if you just focus on topwater walk-the-dog hardbaits there are over fifty different choices alone! There are lot of good choices and today we pick our top five most productive topwater walkers that we utilize in the majority of our topwater reel and rod field tests.
A Diamante in the Rough? Megabass's Latest STW Achievement
In January, we shared with you the first official bait from Megabass's Support to Win (STW) initiative, the S-Crank. Today, we take a look at another bait from this program that the company's prostaff was very adamant about during our factory tour back in 2013. It's taken that long for this bait to make its way to market, but here now is our look at Megabass of America's Dog-X Diamante topwater bait.
Sometimes Smaller Really is Better: The Gantarel Jr. Swimbait
To expand on their original bait the company has now introduced two new versions, the larger and appropriately named Gigantarel and downsized Gantarel Jr. swimbaits. We take a look at both new baits with a focus on the smallest bait in the series to see if this “gill” really has a place in the tackle box.
Squeak, Squawk, Clank - Picasso's Din-R-Bell
In an earlier review, we took a look at Picasso's Buzz Saw double bladed buzzbait. The product scored very well and I had good success with it, but in the words of wise Yoda, there is another. Picasso double dips their double bladed buzzsaw offering with a second product built to cause a little more commotion.
Doomsday Tackle Co's Not So Grim Reaper 3.2
There are countless manufacturers in the fishing tackle industry selling soft plastic baits. Many of these baits are barely distinguishable from one another, many more are unique. One bait profile that continues to be reinvented is the craw-creature trailer style baits. One company, new to us, debuted their take on this staple early in 2016. Here now is our take on Doomsday Tackle's Reaper trailer bait.
The Search for One : Fenwick's World Class WC72M-FC
Our introduction to Fenwick's World Class series of rods was met with mixed emotions as expressed in our review of the WC610ML-XFS. Today, we take a look at the casting rod from this same series to see if those mixed feelings can be resolved. Here's our take on Fenwick's 7'2" medium powered World Class fishing rod the WC72M-FC.
Creature Fever : Big Bite Bait's Russ Lane Real Deal Craw
A couple years ago, Elite Series Pro Russ Lane showed me a bait he was working on for Big Bite Baits that kind of skirts the line between ultra-realistic and not. We had to keep it under wraps until they were ready to bring it out, and somehow in the interim we missed the announcement. Well, better late than never. Here now is our look at Big Bite Bait's Russ Lane Real Deal Craw.

Precious : Shimano Japan's 2016 Antares DC
When I reviewed it's more primitive doppelganger back in 2014, I hailed the Shimano's 2012 Antares as having DC like performance. Today, we test that theory, so pull out your virtual reality goggles and strap yourself in as we take Shimano Japan's 2016 Antares DC low profile baitcaster (aka my precious) out for a spin.
Taking Another Spin with Kistler's Magnesium 2
Last year we shared with you our thoughts on Kistler's Search For One candidate within their revamped Magnesium 2 series. Today we take a look at a spinning rod within the very same series to find out how well it performs under finesse applications. Does the revamped line translate to spinning as well Let's find out. Here's our look at Kistler Custom Rod's MG2-SP-LMH-70-MF Magnesium 2 spinning stick.
A Mid-Depth Crank with Built In Erratic Behavior : Spro's Little John Baby DD
Several years ago, Zander took it upon himself to dissect a new, up and coming bait by Spro, the Little John DD. It's a deep diving crank designed to reach depths of up to twenty feet (20'). A few years after the successful introduction of that bait, the designers at Spro, together with John Crews himself went to work on a smaller, shallower running version of this same bait - the subject of today's review.
Daiwa’s SV TW Baitcaster – A Winning Combination
The Tatula SV TW is the first Tatula to make use of the combination of the T-Wing system and the company’s SV spool design and the result in performance might just surprise you.
The KJ Flat Silent - But Lethal Crank from Lucky Craft
One of the best search baits you can use is a crank, so to have a crank that excels in these situations is something every bass angler needs. BASS Elite Series angler, Kelly Jordan recognizes this need and together with Lucky Craft, designed a bait for just this situation. Here's our look at the KJ Flat Silent Crankbait by Lucky Craft.
Shimano Lowers the Price Barrier to DC : Their 2017 Scorpion DC
Back in late 2011 and into 2012 I was so excited to purchase and fish the original Scorpion DC but was then ultimately disappointed because that reel's whine had been silenced and it just didn't feel that special anymore. So when I caught wind of a new Scorpion DC for 2017, I was skeptical to say the least...
Going Big with Missile Baits's Tomahawk 8.75
Before there were big swimbaits, there was the big, soft plastic worm. Anglers looking to up their weights often relied upon these larger worms as a way to cull through the smaller, feistier fish and entice the bigger ones to bite. Missile Baits has a product to help you lock on target for those bigger bites. It is their Tomahawk, an eight and three quarter inch (8.75") twin tail worm.
A Bait that Defies Categorization : Megabass of America's Vatalion
Swimbaits, crankbaits, jerkbaits, topwater... every now and then you come across a bait that defies categorization. The first thing I thought when I laid eyes on Megabass of America's new Vatalion was "oh cool, Megabass has finally come out with a panfish shaped glide bait." It's a two piece, hard bodied bait in the shape of a bluegill so naturally, this is what it is, right? Nope.

A Frog by Any Other Name Would Fight as Hard
It's a pretty well known fact that the favorite bait of BASS Elite Series angler Dean Rojas is the frog. Case in point? With no less than six (6) topwater frog baits to his name you can bet a good percentage of the time when asked, "Hey Dean, what did you catch them on?" that the answer will be "a frog!"

The Very Refined Fantasista Premier FNPC70-6 from Abu Garcia
Abu Garcia does a really nice job with their lineup of rods from the budget minded Vengeance and Vendetta through the medium priced Vendetta, but step up to the Fantasista Premier and it's obvious we're looking at a different class of rods. Today we take a closer look at one of the FNPC70-6 in Abu Garcia's Fantasista Premier line.
Megabass of America's 2017 Destroyer - Ownage is Onager
Our first in depth, full blown review of a Megabass of America Destroyer Series rod, and what better way to kick things off than with perhaps the biggest, baddest Destroyer stick ever to be assembled. Introducing Megabass of America's F10-711X Destroyer Onager.


BullShad Swimbaits Extends Their Lineup : The BullGill
With everything from a new rat to herring to a wake bait and more, we have a lot of catching up to do with BullShad Swimbaits and today we start that journey with a look at a bait that takes the company's namesake and changes it up oh so naturally. Here's out look at BullShad Swimbat's BullGill.
This ONE Baitcaster Delivers Great Value: The 13 Fishing Origin
To address the broad market 13 Fishing has expanded their reel offerings with the new value oriented ONE3 Origin Series reels, only these baitcasters are designed to offer more style, features, and performance than what anglers have grown to expect from sub 100 dollar reels.
A Prop Bait Not for Spying but Topwater! The X-Plose Topwater by Megabass
Topwater fishing is considered by many, the most exciting way to catch a fish of any species. It is certainly one of my favorite ways to catch a fish. The myriad of different baits to help you accomplish this seemingly straight forward goal can be overwhelming. Do you choose a popper, walker, buzzer, crawler, waker, deadstick bait or combination thereof?
Channeling the Joy of a JDM Classic : Shimano's Scorpion 70/71 Platform
Any tried and true JDM bass reel enthusiast has a special place in their tackle heart for the Shimano sub-brand of "Scorpion". This is the lineup that has initiated the majority of Tackle Enthusiast for the last fifteen to twenty years.

Is the New Kovert Series from Denali Really Lighter?
Back towards the end of 2014, we took a look at a new, aggressively styled stick from Denali Rods, the K863JW from the company's Kovert line. The stick performed ok, but where it really fell short was in weight and balance. Well, the company has revamped the entire line promising 25% weight savings and overall better performance.

SpotSticker Baits's Puts the Q in Jig
Flipping jigs, finesse jigs, swimming jigs, casting jigs... when did jig fishing become such a specialized technique? Used to be you just had to choose between which type of head you wanted to use based on whether the bottom was rocky or full of weeds, but now you have to add consideration for how you're going to fish that cover into the formula...
Going For a Spin with G-Rods International
G-Rods International is the latest "wonder brand" when it comes to something new and exciting in the fishing rod marketplace. The company has done well so far in our two reviews on their Pro Bass Series and we broke the news on the availability of their brand new Game Changer rods. But before we change focus to their new series, we have at least one more Pro Bass stick to evaluate...
One More for the Road: Imakatsu and DSTYLE at the Airport
At the gate in Orlando five minutes before boarding we were greed by Munenori Kajiwara who is the distributor of Imakatsu and DStyle lures here in the US. He mentioned that he had tried to find us at the show but unfortunately we never crossed paths this year, but he did have a few new products that he thought our readers would be interested in. With just minutes before boarding we sat down for a quick look.
HUK Attack's the Footwear Market and Wins
HUK makes some of the coolest looking fishing garments on the market and while there are now more companies leveraging Kryptek patterns it was HUK that first put it on the map for anglers. This ICAST HUK entered the fishing shoe market, and did so with a very successful "Attack" strategy.
Simms Armors Up Anglers with New Technical Garment Options
With ICAST winding down we typically try and use every minute that we can meeting with manufacturers. There is always more to cover than hours in the show, but what has become somewhat of a tradition for us, is to meet with the team at Simms to close out the event. This year we met with John Frazier who walked us through the complete range of Simms new product introductions, and there were many.
Fast and Furious and Environmentally Friendly? KastKing Does it All
KastKing, a division of Eposeidon, has been making waves since they won a Best of Show for their modern aluminum framed rod rack. The company offers a complete range of fishing products including new reels and rods for bass fishermen. This year they increased their number of high performance baitcaster offerings as well as introduced a very innovative and environmentally friendly BioSpool packaging.
Flipping Out Over Missile's New Stick Bait and Jig
After their initial explosion onto the bass fishing scene several years ago, Missile Baits has taken their time updating and extending their arsenal of bass catching weaponry. Rob Pearson was on hand at the Missile Baits booth to show us what the brand has in store for us in 2018.
The Bait Everyone Will Soon Be Talking About
Is there anything more retro in bass fishing than the hand crafted wooden bait? Ok, maybe the grape colored plastic worm, but a plastic worm doesn't speak to ingenuity and craftsmanship. PH Custom lures, distributed under the Optimum Baits umbrella, is based out of Indiana and they are the makers of good old fashioned wooden lures.










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