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Shimano Stradic FK Spinning Reel Review
Kistler Rods Magnesium 2 Review
First Look Inside Shimano's New Compact Curado
DUO Realis Onimasu Swimbait Review

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TackleTour Tournament Interview : Shin Fukae

Unleashing Abu Garcia's Original REVO Beast

Going Old School with PLine's PF Original Copoly

Daiwa Japan's Ryoga Shrapnel - Take No Prisoners
HUK Takes Foul Weather Protection to the Next Level Going M.A.D. Over Kistler's Helium 3 Cranking it up with the Shimano Zodias Series Going Old School with Abu's Ambassadeur C3 4600/01

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A Nylon Mono for Enthusiasts? Shooter Defier Armilo
Sunline's original Shooter Defier nylon monofilament is a high end mono. This sounds like a bit of a oxymoron since "high end" is not something anyone normally associates with nylon monofilament, but it's true.
Does Berkley Trilene Big Game Still Stack Up?
When it comes to fishing line, few brands are as popular as Berkley Trilene. Yet, within Trilene, there are several choices, 100% Fluorocarbon, XL, Cold Weather, TransOptic, BigCat, the list goes on. Here at TTHQ, one Trilene brand stands tall and that's Big Game - the go to line for our Editor in Chief, Zander.
Multi-Species Madness in the Mangroves, Fishing in South Florida
Prior to this week the extent of my Florida fishing adventures have all centered around bass fishing, so I jumped at the opportunity to join the 2016 Marco Island Mangrove Madness event with about 30 other outdoor writers. This event was hosted by Navionics, Okuma, Savage Gear, Yo-Zuri, Cuda, Raymarine, and the Naples Marco Island Convention and Visitors Bureau.
Okuma, Yo-Zuri, and Cuda Preview New Products at Marco Island, Florida
As part of the Marco Island Mangrove Madness event a number of the manufacturers introduced new products at a mini-show for the outdoor media in attendance. They took the opportunity to provide a first look at some of these products that will be officially introduced later this year at ICAST 2016.
Now that is Savage, Duck is on the Menu for Bass and Pike
First a 3D Rat and now a 3D duck?! After 24 hours Savage Gear agreed to not only show us but give us a test drive of their new bait which will not officially debut until ICAST later this Summer. This new topwater lure features a combination of design elements that come together to mimic a fleeing duckling.
The Most Realistic Rat Yet? A First Look at Savage Gear's 3D Rat
Mike Bennett, Product Manager, at Savage Gear USA has been hard at work bringing new designs specifically created for the US market. This evening at a media event at Marco Island, Florida the topic of big baits came up and he disappeared from the table only to return with a new prototype bait that is set to debut this coming ICAST.

There's Nothing Mysterious About Sunline's Super Natural
We try, as much as possible, when testing different rods and reels to delineate our line choices so our readers can extrapolate any pertinent information as it applies to their situations and how we're using the tackle in question. If you pay attention to these details, you'll have noticed the mention of Sunline Super Natural Nylon Monofilament quite often over the last few years.

America's Best Selling Fishing Line? Trilene XL
If our previously reviewed Stren Original is the prototypical nylon monofilament, the subject of our next nylon monofilament line review is its twin. Berkley's Trilene XL, now under the same parent company umbrella as Stren (i.e. Pure Fishing) is just as popular if not more so than Stren. Touted by Berkley as America's best selling monofilament, it's only natural that we follow up the previous review with a look at Trilene XL.
Our First Look at G-Rods International!
After ICAST 2015, one company truly did capture our imagination. G-Rods International is a promising young company looking to make some noise in the rod market by bringing their unique graphene blended graphite blanks to market.
TackleTour Tournament Interview : Randall Tharp
In our continuing series of interviews, we're sitting down with different pros and going through their tackle selections for each day of our tourney, one at a time. Today, we sit down with Randall Tharp, BASS Elite Series Pro. Randall Tharp's sponsors include Halo, Rapala, VMC, Ranger, Yamaha, Zoom, Gamma, Gill, Costa Sunglasses.

The Baseline Nylon Monofilament : Stren Original
Stren Original nylon monofilament has been in existence since 1958 and is a benchmark when it comes to an affordable, reliable fishing line. It's been around so long, it's place on the store shelf is often taken for granted. We thought we'd take a closer look and see how this industry standard stacks up in our new MCPI.

A Stark Contrast in Fishing Line : Berkley's Iron Silk
What comes to your mind when you think of a "monofilament" fishing line? Usually, it's something clear, or even translucent if colored, correct? Well, Berkley Fishing's Ironsilk is marketed as a monofilament, but instead of being clear or translucent, it's 100% opaque - and a strange, kind of milky green color at that.

Is Maxima Ultragreen Really the Best by Test?
The struggle for relevant line review content is what spawned our Fluorocarbon and Braided line Performance Indices (FPI & BPI), and now we're finally ready to put our Mono and Copolymer Performance Index (MCPI) to use in an actual review. First up? A very popular mainstream if not under the radar fishing line - Maxima's Ultragreen Copolymer.
A TackleWarehouse Exclusive! Daiwa's DX Bass Cranking Stick
There's no moving bait stick more pervasive than one designed to fish crankbaits. Today, we take a look at a rod that's a member of yet another Daiwa lineup but sold exclusively at TackleWarehouse. Introducing Daiwa's DX-Bass DXB-761MHRB Cranking Stick.
Shimano Re-Ignites Their Shining Star : The 2015 Aldebaran
Originally introduced back in 2009 and dubbed the Alphas Killer (in reference to Daiwa's Alphas platform), the Aldebaran has been a staple in my collection ever since. Six years later, in 2015, Shimano re-imaged this reel and upped the ante by including it in their JDM import lineup to be sold in US stores.
Holding Out On Megabass? Don't Read This
Enter ICAST 2015 where the manufacturer took yet another step towards affordability in Levante - a series of rods priced at $199 and with more JDM styling than Orochi XX! Today, we take our first look at a rod from this series with our review of the F5-72C Diablo Spec R.
A Workhorse Reel at a Budget Price : Abu's Orra SX
Abu Garcia's Orra SX is essentially a lower cost version of the company's workhorse, REVO SX. It shares a very similar overall profile and shape, but is styled far less aggressively in its medium grey painted sideplates and matte trey finish frame.
Pflueger Delivers Supreme Value in the Mg Based SP35X
Pfleuger continues with their edict of providing anglers with quality value at a quality price with their recently re-imaged Supreme spinning reel. What makes this reel such a value? How about a spinning reel with a magnesium body and rotor for only $99.99? Let's take a look and see if this reel's performance can keep pace with its awesome price.
The Tatula Web Continues to Grow : E-Glass Cranking Stick
Daiwa has done a very good job leveraging their Tatula brand to maximum potential. We've seen several different reel variants and have sampled one of the rods in their series by the same name. Daiwa recently expanded their Tatula line of rods to include cranking sticks. You know we had to try one so here now is our review of the Tatula TAT-721-MHRB-G.
Abu Garcia's Unicorn : The REVO Toro Beast!!
Big, strong, and slow - big bait fisherman are always on the look out for a reel with these three characteristics: big in terms of line capacity with twenty to thirty pound test nylon monofilament; strong in terms of power, frame rigidity, and drag; slow in terms of gear ratio. Like the ubiquitous triangle of desire, you can usually find two of the three traits, but to have all three in concert - especially if you prefer a left hand retrieve reel - well, that's the unicorn.
Under Armour Conquers the Elements with Ridge Reaper Foul Weather Gear
Under Armour is a giant in the sports apparel industry and has now firmly set their sights on addressing the fishing market. The team at Under Armour has been hard at work creating technical garments that are specifically tailored towards anglers, and this season they introduced their highest end set of foul weather gear yet with their new Ridge Reaper
Aaron's New Edge with Enigma Fishing
Aaron Martens's switch from Megabass to Enigma Fishing was the sponsor change heard 'round the bass fishing world last year and for a while, it was a mystery as to just who, what, why, how, where, and when this new company sprung. Naturally everyone questioned how he could make such a switch from a company with whom he'd won 2 previous Angler of the Year awards.

Entering the Vortex with Gill's New FG2 Tournament Jacket
As Northern California is belted by an atmospheric river of tropical moisture courtesy of El Nino, we thought it'd be a good time to check out some of the apparel we saw at ICAST 2015. One piece in particular, Gill's FG2 Tournament Jacket, was of particular interest because of their new Vortex Hood.

Quantum Breaks the 8.0 Barrier with Speed Freak
Quantum has been making big strides in recent years offering solid performing reels at prices that don't break the bank. Maligned for years over reels that were too heavy or just didn't perform as advertised, their recent Smoke and Exo introductions are helping the company turn things around. Several years ago, their Smoke introduction gained an Editor's Choice Award right here on TackleTour.


A First Look Inside Shimano’s New Curado Compact High Speed Reels
Officially introduced this weekend at the Bassmaster Classic Expo the new Curado 70 baitcasters from Shimano are the most compact Curado Series reels that we have seen to date. The new lineup is all about a smaller footprint but equally as exciting is how blazing fast these new compact reels are.

Rapala's 2016 BASSMASTER Classic Introductions
More and more manufacturers are taking advantage of the huge consumer crowds at the BASSMASTER Classic by making new product introductions to spark the new fishing season. This year, Rapala shared their plans with us by sending in samples of some new colors for their Shadow Rap (last year's introduction), and one sample of their brand new bait.

Check Practicality at the Door : Evergreen's Leopard
In 2014 Brett Hite set the Facebook, Twitter, and fishing discussion forum worlds on fire by winning an FLW event on storied Lake Okeechobee throwing a chatterbait on a "mysterious" red and black rod. Of course, the only real mystery was the rod's model number and name since most are aware Brett Hite is sponsored by Evergreen International...

Kistler Rods Brings Magnesium 2 Home
From the Z-Bone line to Helium 3 and KLX, Kistler offers a wide range of sticks with Made in the USA pedigrees. One of their more popular series in recent years has been Magnesium. Of course, this series was originally built overseas, well no longer. Introducing our first look at Kistler's Magnesium 2 series with the MG2LMH70-MF, a Search for One, made in the USA candidate for only $189.99.

Big Features in a Budget Package : Daiwa Revros 2500H
Known primarily for their mid to high end product, for years, anglers have clamored for more price conscience reels from Daiwa Corporation. Recent introductions of the Lexa, original Tatula, and Exceler product lines have shown the company was listening. Today we look at a product that demonstrates not only have they been listening, but they've delivered - introducing the Revros spinning reel by Daiwa.

Dream Fishing Tackle's Aftermarket Air Spools
One perspective that sets our readership apart from that of your typical fishing industry publication is the devotion of our readers to the gear. No where is this more evident than with fishing reels, so whenever there's an opportunity to discuss aftermarket components for fishing reels supplied by a 3rd party vendor we get excited.
Carrot Stix Switches Gears with the New Spectra 2-Speed Spinning Reels
Carrot Stix, the company that made a name for itself with brightly colored orange rods made with carrot nano-fiber, is now expanding their product offerings to include reels. The new reel offerings will include both baitcasters and spinning reels and without a doubt the most interesting of these new offerings is the upcoming 2-speed Spectra Series spinning reels.
Imitate Big Forage with the Damiki Gizzard Shad
Damiki's Gizzard Shad is a supercharged version of a standard-looking fluke-like soft jerkbait. It utilizes a totally different design and shape in hopes of increasing your catch rates.
Evergreen International's Call to the Amazon
Evergreen International's Amazon is an oversized cigar type topwater bait measuring six inches in length. It is a plastic bait with very intricate finishes and a fair amount of detailing around the bait's head. It comes with relatively stout hardware and each of our baits were very well crafted.
Up Close with One of Japan’s Most Respected Lure Designers - DUO's Masahiro Adachi
We recently got a unique opportunity interview one of Japan’s most respected JDM lure designers. Sit back and enjoy a rare conversation with DUO’s International chief designer, Masahiro Adachi.
Shimano Stradic FK – A Solid Design
Long considered the mainstream reel in the Shimano spinning lineup the Stradic is now all grown up, and the latest FK version is a major departure from previous generation reels, featuring the latest design philosophies and features from Shimano.
Tie One On, Toss It Out and S-Crank It Up!
Introduced by Megabass of America early in 2015 - the S-Crank is a bait developed through the manufacturer's STW initiative and a bait we tried to keep under wraps, but our collective conscience has finally gotten the better of us. Here now are our findings on this exciting new square bill crank from Megabass of America.
The Okuma EVX-C-751Ha Delivers No-Frills Utility
For those of you that are attracted to simplistic fishing gear, the Okuma EVX series of rods delivers a very clean look at a price that won't leave a huge void in your bank account. In this review, we dissect the EVX-C-751Ha casting rod to see if its performance is just ordinary or simply extraordinary.











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