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First look inside the new Curado I baitcaster
Savage Gear Line Thru Trout
Daiwa Tatula Type R - Worth the Upgrade?
TackleTour Lure Autopsies

STORMR STRYKR Jacket and Bib, Armor from the Elements



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Glide Week : Art in Action, the Roman Made Mother

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Glide Week : The Lumbering Limberlamber Glide Week : Riding the S-Wave! Product Insight: What We Look for in a Fishing Rod... Featuring Batson Daiwa’s Steez EX 100XS offers a Deadly Combination of Both Speed and Precision

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TackleTour Tournament Interview : Aaron Martens
In what will become a continuing series, we're going to sit down with different pros and go through their tackle selections for each day of the tourney, one at a time. Today, we sit down with Aaron Martens, 2013 BASS Elite Series Angler of the Year.

What a Concept! 13 Fishing's Concept-A Reel is a Bulldog
Even though we had the rare chance to play with a couple of the prototypes at the 2013 ICAST show, nothing beats experiencing the finished product. With that said, we were quietly able to acquire a couple of Concept-A reels for testing and a full lab breakdown well before their scheduled release to the general public.
Factory Tour : Inspiration, Respect, Honor, the Motivation that Fuels Megabass
During our tour of the Megabass factory, we sat down for an extended discussion with Megabass founder, Yuki Ito to learn more about the continued drive and motivation behind his designs for the company and his products.
Okuma Delivers Solid Performance With Their Citrix Suite of Reels
Today, we take a look at a mid-line product from a manufacturer whose had their share of criticism from consumers along their baitcaster journey. Is Okuma finally poised to make a move into the low profile baitcaster market? Here's our take on the Citrix suite of reels.
G.Loomis Updates the IMX Series of Bass Rods
In recent seasons the company has updated their other rod lines including the GLX and GL2 rods, and the middle child that is the IMX Series has had to continue to patiently wait for their time to shine. The spotlight finally shifted to the IMX series on the big stage of the Bassmaster Classic where a new lineup of 34 rods was hard launched.
SIMMS New ExStream Jacket - Is It Enough?When TackleTour is outdoors on the water or out camping, chances are there are a number of SIMMS products being used. In fact, the subject of today's article is a piece of clothing, that at first glance, one might consider wearing out on the snow more so than out on the water. Introducing the SIMMS ExStream jacket.
A Step Forward, An Inside Look at the New Shimano Curado I
The Shimano Curado was first introduced in 1991 and since that time has represented Shimano’s workhorse baitcasting reel. These low profile baitcasters have certainly evolved over time, increasing in both features and refinement. Officially launched last week at the Bassmaster Classic Expo we were excited to get the reel back home and on water.
TackleTour Tournament Interview : Edwin Evers
TackleTour is going to hold a bass fishing tournament, but in keeping with our tradition, the gear is going to play an active roll in how the tourney is structured. In the past, we've been known concentrate our review seasons around specific techniques or types of baits. We're going to run our tournament in the same manner.
Jackall takes aim at Spybaiting with the iProp 75
Jackall is working on a range of new baits leading up to ICAST and this Bassmater Classic the team is introducing a new prop bait created specifically for this ultra-finesse technique. The Jackall iProp is a sinking double propped spybait that is designed to target suspending fish in clear water conditions.
No Secret, Shimano’s Curado I Reels Look like the Real Deal
In the last 24 hours Shimano officially unveiled the new reel at the Bassmaster Classic Outdoor Expo in Birmingham Alabama, and for the first time the public was able to get their hands on the new reels.

Welcome Back Shimano : The 2013 Metanium
For years, we've wondered why large manufacturers like Shimano go through the effort to make specialized products for one market versus another when the overall applications of each product are more or less the same. Of course, we're speaking primarily about fishing reels, and even more specifically, bass fishing reels.

Beyond Spybaiting: DUO Realis Jerkbait 100SP
I can sum these baits up in just one word: beautiful. DUO is known for crafting some of the finest baits around, and from a looks standpoint these will not disappoint even the pickiest of anglers. Not only are the colors both vibrant and eye-catching, there are a whopping 16 to choose from.

Power Off the Grid – The Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Recharger
These days it seems everything is going digital and even when we are on the water or hiking down a steam fishing we are never truly “unplugged,” as we rely on our smartphones, GPS or headlamps to keep us fishing and get us home safely. Goal Zero produces a variety of portable power devices and is a self-proclaimed leader in consumer solar power systems...
Making the Cut? The Ardent Rigger Tool
Ardent is widely known for their domestic lineup of bass reels, but many people may be unfamiliar with the fact that they make several other types of rods as well as fishing accessories like the Smart Cull system which we awarded an Editor’s Choice to a few seasons ago. Among the accessory items in their product lineup is also a tool called the Ardent Rigger.
See Things in Black and White with the Generation 3 Abu Garcia Revo S
As the “entry level” Revo model, the new S offers some interesting features and an eye catching appearance.  This reel has some stiff competition in it's price segment; after all, it's playing in the same ballpark as a long time fan favorite, the Shimano Citica.  Does this refreshed Revo have what it takes to score a home run?

The Search For One : Guess Who's Back Building Rods?
What do you do if a rod building legend called with the simple request of a consultation appointment the topic of which surrounds brainstorming ideas for a new series of bass rods they're looking to develop from the ground up? What do you do if this same legend and his team actually listened to your input...

Not Just for Chuckin' Blades: The Megabass Orochi XX F5-610XX Spinnerbait Special
By now, it should be pretty apparent that we here at TackleTour are big fans of the Megabass Orochi XX series of casting and spinning rods. Offered at modest prices, they are accessible to a wider range of anglers that were previously unable to afford the high cost of Megabass' more exotic offerings.
Performance at a Premium: The G. Loomis NRX 9 Weight
The ultra-premium NRX fly rods have taken over the top position as the premier G.Loomis saltwater and freshwater fly rods. These rods are not simply mild upgrades over GLX models; they feature all new materials and construction processes. In this review, I take the 9 weight model out to see how it performs on some of our local saltwater species!
Thru and Thru, Savage Gear's New Trout Inspires Confidence
The Savage Gear Line Thru trout is an eight inch, soft bodied bait with three body sections. It is built in size, proportion, and detail just like a three piece hard bodied bait. This includes the tail which is not a paddle or wedge or any other type of swimming tail design.
Back at the Big Rock 2014 Show Seeking Innovations
There are a lot of reasons why Vegas is a popular location for industry events like ICAST and the Big Rock Show, and the non stop entertainment options after the official event hours are high up on the list of reasons why. My first stop after the end of the show...

New Lures at the Big Rock 2014 Show in Las Vegas
The New Year is upon us and to kick things off in 4014 we head to Las Vegas, Nevada for the 2014 Big Rock Sports Dealer Show where tackle manufacturers meet directly with dealers to showcase their newest products. We attended the show this year to see if we could find out more about some of the new offerings for the coming season.

Daiwa Completes Their Suite with the Tatula Casting Rods!
What we're here to look at today is the original Tatula reel's partner. Who could that partner be you ask? It's a fishing rod of course! Introducing our first look at the Tatula series of casting rods, the TAT721HFB (7'2" Heavy).
2013 Bait-the-Finesse Finale : Daiwa T3 Air
The T3 Air came away from our late March 2013 Product Insight article with the early lead in this shootout. It is a reel based on Daiwa's first generation T-Wing platform, the T3. Made in Japan, the T3 AIR is a modified version of the flagship variant in this line and not the Ballistic which is made in Thailand instead of Japan.

2013 Bait-the-Finesse Finale : Shimano Aldebaran BFS
As its name would suggest, the Aldebaran BFS is built off of the Aldebaran, Shimano's 2009 compact magnesium baitcaster introduction known stateside as the Core 50Mg. The interesting note here is that while the BFS shares the overall same dimensions as the original Aldebaran, there are a few differences.


Autopsy: Meshing with Savage Gear's 3D Line Thru Trout
Mads Grosell, the lead designer at Savage Gear, took an actual trout and 3D scanned it to create the new Line Thru Trout’s profile, but like so many of the company’s baits there is more to this bait than what anglers, and fish, see on the outside.
Silent but Deadly: The Molix SB Crank 55 Silent
Square bills have come a long way, and now you'll find many different configurations and colors available from a variety of manufacturers. Based in Italy, Molix has refined the square bill with their exciting new SB Crank 55 Silent model. Will this new bait from the land of exotic sports cars prove to be something special?
13 Fishing Gears up to Launch New Proprietary Low Profile Baitcasting Reels
13 Fishing has never been a company to shy away from taking chances and breaking the mold and this fast rising brand is bucking the trend once again with the announcement that they are gearing up to introduce not one, but a complete line of proprietary low profile baitcasters.

A Weapon For The Water: The Redington Vapen Red 890-4V Fly Rod
At ICAST 2013 in Las Vegas, we had a tour of new products from several manufacturers, including fresh rod lines from Redington called the Vapen and Vapen Red series. Technically the same rods, the Vapen sports traditional cork grips while the Vapen Red comes equipped with a red polymer non-slip grip. WHAT, a fly rod without a cork handle?

Megabass's New Design Engine Additive : STW
The acronym is STW and no, it's not an additive for your fuel tank to make your engine run smoother, but Megabass is hoping their Support To Win program is does add a little pep to their design engine so they can more efficiently add to an already potent product line.

Sharing a Passion for Fun and Big Bass : BIG BASS DREAMS
Big Bass Dreams is a documentary mostly about one man's journey chasing big bass. The hours of dedication, the meticulous care of his gear, the shear joy of hooking and landing big fish, taking a photo, and letting them go to fight another day. We sit down with the man behind the video, Oliver Ngy, to learn a little bit more about his journey...

Daiwa Tatula Type R - Worth the Upgrade?
Earlier this year, Daiwa teased their ICAST 2013 introduction with a series of short tease videos broadcast on youTube. Simultaneously, they shipped us what we came to find out was a very late model prototype of that very reel, the Tatula, for a full blown review. Then, when all the hype was lifted, we find out at ICAST that there are two versions of this reel, the regular Tatula and the "tuned" Type R
Compact and Strong: The Lew's Super Duty SD1H Baitcaster
In my over 20 years of fishing I have fished countless reel brands, but never a Lew's. That all changed when I had the opportunity to test the new Super Duty model SD1H casting reel. There has been a good amount of buzz regarding the refreshed lineup, so I was excited to see if it was indeed the truth or nothing but a bunch of bologna.
2013 Holiday Gift Guide Part 2 - Fill those Stockings with Lines, Tools and Enthusiast Tackle
In the second part of our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide we explore some of our favorite tackle categories including fishing lines, tools, optics and of course a few picks for Enthusiasts.
2013 Holiday Gift Guide Part 1 - Tis the Season for New Reels, Rods and Baits
The weather outside is frightful, and the bite is less than delightful, so if you're stuck inside, come enjoy TackleTour's 2014 Holiday Gift Guide!!! Yup, it's that time again. The holidays are here and we've assembled a list of some of the hottest tackle to recommend for that fisherman on your list.
TackleTour in the JDM - Lake Biwa, Japan
We accompanied professional bass fisherman and Megabass of America staffers, Luke Clausen, Edwin Evers, Aaron Martens, and Chris Zaldain as they set out on the water to test several prototype products in development by Megabass as well as give Japanese media giants, Lure, Basser, and Bassworld magazines the opportunity to share the water with these famous American bass pros.
Is the Native Watercraft "Ultimate 12" Fishing Kayak as Good as the Name it Bears?
There are decades of boat-building knowledge behind Native Watercraft, and a passion for paddling's history and its future. They have a long standing reputation for creating some serious kayak fishing platforms. The Ultimate 12 is no exception and is a best selling model among kayak anglers.









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