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An UltraFast Spincast Reel from Zebco/Quantum
With recent, exciting introductions like the EXO and Smoke reels, we never know quite what to expect at Quantum from year to year. This year we were greeted by none other than KVD himself who took the time to walk us through what the company has planned for 2017.

River2Sea is Going Mad and Doubles Down on the Plopper!
We were somewhat disappointed last year to find our friends over at River2Sea had nothing new to share. This year, while the manufacturer did have some new stuff to show us, they still chose to keep things relatively low key with only two new bait introductions and some new colors to be made available throughout their bait lineup.

Spro's New Spittin' Shad
Another booth that's normally hopping with new product introductions is Spro. This year the company extended their topwater offerings with a new, spitting frog and new colors for an established frog bait. They then simply extended the utility of a couple of bait lineups with new colors. Let's take a look.
Abu Garcia Goes to the Xtreme in Both Weight and Speed
The long-standing threshold for a bass-sized low profile baitcasing has been six (6) ounces. Break this threshold and you've entered the realm of highly coveted and often, difficult-to-afford flagship reels. This year, one manufacturer has shattered that barrier by introducing a sub-five ounce (-5oz) reel! Introducing the 4.5 ounce Abu Garcia REVO MGXtreme!
Jackall of All Trades - New Gantia Swimbaits and Gavacho Popper Frogs
Is there any lure category that Jackall can't address? It sure doesn't seem like it as the brand continues to expand their already very robust offering year after year. Fresh off their successful Ganteral Jr. and Rhythm Wave soft swimbait spring launches the team at Jackall surprised us at ICAST with more offers designed to target big and aggressive fish.
Phenix Goes Back Out on Recon
Phenix original Recon and subsequent Recon 2 series of rods are arguably their most popular suite of bass rods, so we were a bit surprised when the company debuted yet another revision to this line at this year's show. Here's a look at the new Recon Elite series of rods from Phenix.
Old School is New Again with St. Croix's Legend Glass
If there's one thing that's been missing in St. Croix's extensive lineup of bass rods, it's a series of rods dedicated to moving baits. This top tier manufacturer addressed that oversight this year at ICAST in a big way. So big, in fact, that they won Best in Show Freshwater rod with their brand new Legend Glass sticks.
BBB Makes a Bid for the Squad with their Suicide Shad
Big Bite Baits is quietly and effectively becoming a huge player in the soft bait market. While the company's Real Deal Shad variations have been a success, what's been missing in their arsenal is a hollow body paddletail swimbait. Enter this year's ICAST introduction, the Suicide Shad.
They Hybrid Tech Fueling Kistler's Feel n Reel Rod Series
How do you breathe new life into an already top selling rod line? If you're Kistler Custom Rods, you introduce a subset of composite blank sticks that answer the call of anglers wanting the versatility of a moving bait stick with the power of a traditional worm and jig rod. Introducing the "Feel and Reel" S2 KLX rods by Kistler.
Stormr's New Lightweight Garments Protect Anglers From the Sun and Rain
STORMR started with neoprene based foul weather gear designed to tackle the toughest conditions including surf and offshore fishing. While those garments were extremely robust they were overkill for certain fishing situations. While there is absolutely a place and time for those jackets and bibs this season Stormr is introduces lighter more packable garments.
ICAST 2016 New Product Showcase Best of Show Winners!
Day two of ICAST is in the books and the New Product Showcase Winners have been announced. It was a great year for Minn Kota, Lew's who won in multiple categories, Pure Fishing who took home top honors in fly and saltwater reels, and Savage Gear won for the third year in a row with their Suicide Duck.
A Balance Between Form and Function, the Exciting New 13 Fishing Muse Rods
13 Fishing's rod's have always had an edgy feel to them, and even the more affordable rods look and perform like they should be competing in a higher segment. This ICAST the big rod announcement was the introduction of the updated Muse Series, a new lineup that is tailored to offer a balance of form and function at a great price.

Get Low! Lew's New Super Low Profile (SLP) Series Gets Down
Lew's continues to roll out notable new products season after season and this season when it comes to baitcasters that had one goal in mind, to deliver an even lower profile baitcaster. Today at ICAST they introduced the new Super Low Profile (SLP) Series.
Okuma Uses Advanced Materials to Make the New Helios SX Spinning reels Lighter and Tougher
As time goes on reel manufacturers gain access to new technologies and materials so there are more opportunities to make reels not only lighter but more durable, and while it may sound like an oxymoron, that is exactly what Okuma sought to do with the new Helios SX spinning reels.
Souped up and Ready to Crank, the New 13 Fishing Concept A3 Baitcasters
13 Fishing's Concept baitcasting Series continues to undergo refinement and upgrades each season and this year the company that isn't afraid of taking chances turns things up in a big way when it comes to souped up gearing and drag systems.
G.Loomis Ushers in the New GLX Rod Series
Three letters that every Loomis fan knows… GLX, the rod series that redefined the brand all the way back in 1993. This ICAST G.Loomis introduces the next generation with the introduction of 35 new GLX bass rods, offered in lengths, powers and actions for jig and worm, all-around G. Loomis Mag Bass, spin jig, flip-punch, ShakyHead and drop shot fishing situations.
It's Getting Hot in Here! Meet the Updated Tatula CT Reels
The Daiwa Steez may get all the attention but when it comes to which reel the company sells a whole lot more of we need to turn to the more mainstream oriented workhorse reel known as the Tatula. The Tatula Series has become more refined over time and Type R variants really started to blur the lines between mainstream and premium level performance.
Going Lighter, Quieter, and More Responsive – Shimano’s New Stradic CI4+ and Metanium MGL
In usual Shimano fashion the company made a big splash this ICAST at the new Product Showcase rolling out two new freshwater reels designed to really up the ante in not just performance but ergonomics. These new products included the Stradic CI4+ and the arrival of the ultra-refined Metanium MGL.
The New Daiwa Steez Gives You Wings
A flagship reel should be refined, over engineered, dare I say it...sexy. The Daiwa Steez Series is all of these things and over the seasons the Steez reels have been paired with some of the most premium rods on the market to create some of the lightest combos known to bass anglers. So what's in store for the latest generation of Steez reels? T-Wing.
Does One Plus One Equal More than Two? Meet the Lunkerhunt "Link"
Lunkerhunt has long been known for their realistic looking lures and this ICAST the company is blending that ultra-realistic design with some good old fashioned innovation. Meet the dual bodied "Link" Series which features two lures connected together to create a unique fish attracting topwater action.

Penn Prepares to Roll out a Brand New Slammer Spinning Reel
ICAST 2016 is just a week away and some of the manufacturers are starting to introduce some of their new reels in advance of the show. One such example is the return of the Penn Slammer, a heavy duty spinning reel that is back by popular demand.

The Best of Nylon and Fluoro Combined? Yozuri Hybrid Copoly
It's been a very long time since I've fished this line, so it was nice to get reacquainted with it for the purpose of this review. I spooled both 10lb and 12lb test on some casting reels, and 6lb test on a spinning reel for a recent trip to the California Delta...
TackleTour Tournament Interview : Shin Fukae
In our continuing series of interviews, we're sitting down with different pros and going through their tackle selections for each day of our tourney, one at a time. Today, we sit down with Shin Fukae, FLW Tournament Pro. Shin Fukae's sponsors include Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, Gamakatsu, Ranger Boats, Shimano, Fish Arrow, YGK.
Unleashing Abu Garcia's Original REVO Beast
While some manufacturers are spending their design dollars going smaller and lighter, in 2014, Abu Garcia focused their attention on going stronger. We're a little overdue but here now is our look at Abu Garcia's REVO Beast casting reel.


Going Old School with PLine's PF Original Copoly
Twenty five to thirty (25-30) years ago, PLine was the first "exotic" brand of line I came across. At that time, their PF Original was relatively new and touted as being thin, yet strong. I bought it on recommendation of the owner of my local tackle shop and really enjoyed the performance of the six pound (6lb) on my spinning gear. It's about time I revisit this line and put it through our new line test regimen.
Daiwa Japan's Ryoga Shrapnel - Take No Prisoners
Recently in Japan, the manufacturer introduced an update to their limited edition Black Sheep reel designed for targeting invasive snakehead. This reel is based off the Pluton/Ryoga product line only upsized for greater line capacity and blacked out for a stealthier, more hard core look. Here now is our look at Daiwa Japan's Ryoga Shrapnel.
HUK Takes Foul Weather Protection to the Next Level
Most foul weather gear suits look exactly like you would expect, like souped up rainsuits. The Huk NXTLVL jacket and bibs have a more athletic cut and the use of the Kryptek patterns gives the suit a very modern look and feel, offering anglers both performance and style in a suit that certainly looks ready to battle the elements.
Going M.A.D. Over Kistler's Helium 3
FLW Touring Pro and Circuit Breaker Series star, Mark Daniels Jr. is a charismatic angler born and raised out of Northern California. He entered the FLW spotlight after winning the 2013 TBF National Championship. His favorite technique? Flipping and punching, so when he signed on with Kistler Custom Rods, the first thing he asked for was a signature series flipping/punching stick...
Cranking it up with the Shimano Zodias Series
A little over a year after the debut of the Zodias and Shimano is now introducing new application specific cranking rods to the lineup. Ahead of ICAST the company is adds three new rods to its existing 14-model Zodias bass rod line-up with the new ZDS 170M-G, ZDS 176MH-G and the ZDS 175H.
Going Old School with Abu's Ambassadeur C3 4600/01
With an overabundance of choices in the low profile baitcasting reel market to fit all skill levels and budgets, unless you're into nostalgia, it seems there's little room in today's bass angling world for round reels. Only two of the major manufacturers still offer products in this segment that are worthy of any real attention.
A Nylon Mono for Enthusiasts? Shooter Defier Armilo
Sunline's original Shooter Defier nylon monofilament is a high end mono. This sounds like a bit of a oxymoron since "high end" is not something anyone normally associates with nylon monofilament, but it's true.
Does Berkley Trilene Big Game Still Stack Up?
When it comes to fishing line, few brands are as popular as Berkley Trilene. Yet, within Trilene, there are several choices, 100% Fluorocarbon, XL, Cold Weather, TransOptic, BigCat, the list goes on. Here at TTHQ, one Trilene brand stands tall and that's Big Game - the go to line for our Editor in Chief, Zander.
Multi-Species Madness in the Mangroves, Fishing in South Florida
Prior to this week the extent of my Florida fishing adventures have all centered around bass fishing, so I jumped at the opportunity to join the 2016 Marco Island Mangrove Madness event with about 30 other outdoor writers. This event was hosted by Navionics, Okuma, Savage Gear, Yo-Zuri, Cuda, Raymarine, and the Naples Marco Island Convention and Visitors Bureau.
Okuma, Yo-Zuri, and Cuda Preview New Products at Marco Island, Florida
As part of the Marco Island Mangrove Madness event a number of the manufacturers introduced new products at a mini-show for the outdoor media in attendance. They took the opportunity to provide a first look at some of these products that will be officially introduced later this year at ICAST 2016.
Now that is Savage, Duck is on the Menu for Bass and Pike
First a 3D Rat and now a 3D duck?! After 24 hours Savage Gear agreed to not only show us but give us a test drive of their new bait which will not officially debut until ICAST later this Summer. This new topwater lure features a combination of design elements that come together to mimic a fleeing duckling.
The Most Realistic Rat Yet? A First Look at Savage Gear's 3D Rat
Mike Bennett, Product Manager, at Savage Gear USA has been hard at work bringing new designs specifically created for the US market. This evening at a media event at Marco Island, Florida the topic of big baits came up and he disappeared from the table only to return with a new prototype bait that is set to debut this coming ICAST.

There's Nothing Mysterious About Sunline's Super Natural
We try, as much as possible, when testing different rods and reels to delineate our line choices so our readers can extrapolate any pertinent information as it applies to their situations and how we're using the tackle in question. If you pay attention to these details, you'll have noticed the mention of Sunline Super Natural Nylon Monofilament quite often over the last few years.











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